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Mica Electrical Tapes

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Designed for high voltage insulation work, we are pleased to offer an enormous range of mica based electrical tapes. Most of these specialised tapes come from Isovolta and exhibit the excellent all-round performance, reliability and technical characteristics this company is known for.

This range includes everything from widely used end winding insulation tapes (like our Feinmicaglas Range) and our Conductofol conductor and cable insulation range to more specialised types like our Calmicaglas resin rich insulation tapes and Poroband VPI insulation materials.

Many of these high quality tapes are held in stock for fast delivery. Many more can also be provided in custom-slit rolls when required so you can choose the best width for your application and reduce labour on main  walls or ensure a perfect fit around coil knuckles.

For more information on all the options available, please do contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.