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Liquid Gasket Adhesives & Sealants

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In addition to our enormous range of conventional gasket options, AG is pleased to offer a variety of liquid gasket adhesives.

This includes a number of the silicone and MS polymer adhesives as  well as dedicated grades of Weiconlock for Flange Sealing and Gasketing.

Weiconlock Gasket Adhesives are very easy to use and are often a good option for sealing irregular, close fitting flanges that operate at low pressure (up to 6 bar). In these applications, they can replace conventional gaskets and create a permanent, leak-free seal without the need for cutting or fitting.

Our range of Weiconlock Liquid Gasket adhesives includes a number of different grades with varying temperature ratings, approvals (including potable water and gas) and strengths. All are one-part adhesives that are applied directly to the flange face and all have excellent resistance to  most common industrial chemicals.