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Our range of dry, flexible insulating papers and materials includes a variety of different types and styles.

Of these, the most popular is our Nomex insulating papers from DuPont. Known for their consistent, high-level performance, we stock these industry standard papers in a variety of different styles, sizes, roll widths and variations.

These include Nomex 410 as well as more specialised grades like Nomex 411, 414 and 418 with even more available upon request.

In addition to the Nomex, we are also pleased to offer Presspahn Transformer paper. Widely used in low to medium voltage transformers (and on some LV motors), Presspahn is very economical and available in a selection of sizes.

All our dry, single layer insulation materials can be provided in a variety of forms. Our in-house fabrication facilities allow us to offer these materials by the roll, metre or sheet or in other specialised forms. Slit, sliced or formed components can all be produced to suit individual jobs or to reduce wastage in repeat production.

To learn more about the options available, please contact your local  Associated Gaskets.