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Structural Adhesives

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Perfect for creating exceptionally high strength bonds between  practically any material, our range of structural adhesives are designed for high performance.

This range includes all-round acrylic adhesives like our RK-1300 and 1500 as well as premium grade methyl methacrylate adhesives.

These adhesives are usually used for bonding in the engineering,  transport, electrical and fabrication industries though they are also used for construction, model making and general maintenance work.

With many different grades to choose from, we can offer adhesives that are compatible with almost any material including notoriously difficult substrates like polyethylene and polypropylene.

If you need to create very high strength, permanent bonds with good  residual elasticity, one of the products in our range of construction adhesives may be just what you need. They’re available in a range of pack sizes and styles and are all supported with comprehensive  technical information.