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Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive

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Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive

A low viscosity, liquid adhesive that can be easily applied to large bonding surfaces.

This easy to use and versatile product achieves handling strength after approx. 5 minutes and can be used on an very wide range of materials.

Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive is a 2-part, fast curing adhesive based on methacrylate. This high quality adhesive is processed using a “no mix” process where polymerisation begins as soon as the adhesive and activator-treated components are connected. This process allows for incredibly fast and easy bonding and the creation of long lasting, high strength joints.

Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive is a low viscosity, liquid adhesive that can be easily applied to large bonding surfaces. This easy to use and versatile product achieves handling strength after just 5 minutes (approx.) at room temperature and can be used on an very wide range of materials, including:

  • Metals (including coated types) such as steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, allows and ferrites.
  • Plastics* including ABS, polystyrene, hard PVC, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide and polyester moulding compounds.
  • Fibre composite materials (GRP, CRP, fibreglass).
  • Wood and cellulose materials (e.g. MDF).
  • Glass, ceramics, stone.

*Polyamide, PTFE and Polyolefin may only be bonded after special surface treatment.

Yellow in colour, Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive provides high shear and peel strength and good residual elasticity and impact resistance. This tough, long lasting adhesive is also resistant to ageing and is utilised in applications where temperatures range from -50ºC to 130ºC (with short term spikes up to 180ºC).

Because of their no mix processing, incredibly fast curing, high strength adhesion and resistance to a range of chemicals, dielectric strength and long lasting performance, Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesives are used in a wide variety of applications. Some examples of these include:

Machine and apparatus engineering:
  • Name plates, controls and instruments, consoles and profiles
  • Mixers for the chemical industry
Metal construction:
  • Galvanized profile sheets for cabins or partitions
  • Stripping devices for conveyor belts (e.g. tool steel with ceramic)
  • Sorting devices for recycling plants (e.g. magnets on steel)
Automobile construction:
  • Components on/in driver and passenger compartments, window frames, control panels, rear and side view mirrors.
  • Name plates
Tool and mould construction:
  • Block materials made of MDF or PUR
  • Name plates
Electrical engineering:
  • Loudspeaker assembly
  • Switch and relay housing
  • Alarm devices and sensors
  • Magnet bonding
Construction and furniture industry:
  • Window and door fittings
  • Insulating wall panels on cooling doors
  • Table and desk surfaces on conference chairs (aluminium die casting and different plastics)
Lamp and lighting industry:
  • Reflectors and housing parts
  • Rail systems and spot lights
Sport devices and model sports:
  • Fitness machines of all types
  • Metal and plastic laminates, sandwich elements
  • Radio remote-controlled airplane, ship and auto- mobile models
Available Sizes and More Information

Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive is available from your local AG in 60gm or 1kg kits that contain both the activator and adhesive. 310gm and 6kg packs are also available with the activator for these styles sold separately.

More information on this high quality, no mix adhesive as well as the higher viscosity (pasty) RK-1300 Construction Adhesive, is available on the attached Weicon Construction Adhesives brochure or by contacting your local AG branch.

Additional Information and Resources

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Weicon RK-1300 & RK-1500 Construction Adhesives TDS
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Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive SDS Activator
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Weicon RK-1500 Construction Adhesive SDS Adhesive
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