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Associated Gaskets Perth is our newest branch and was established in 2012. For decades before we’d been doing our best to help our Western Australia customers from the east coast and are now happy to be able to offer even better service with local contact points and, importantly, local stock.

Our Perth branch is located in the Welshpool industrial estate and is open Monday to Friday. We keep a variety of different gasket and sealing materials, electrical and thermal insulation and other industrial products in stock as well offering a quick-turnaround fabrication service on-site.

Our experienced Perth team will be happy to assist in any way they can.

Associated Gaskets Perth Front Entry in Welshpool

Contact Details for Associated Gaskets Perth

Phone Number: 08 9258 5858

Email Address: perth@agaus.com.au

Street Address: Unit 1, 32 Pilbara Street, Welshpool WA 6106

Nathan Schultz – Western Australia Manager
Mobile:   0499 300 200
Email:    NathanSchultz@agaus.com.au

Dave Catania – Technical Representative
Mobile:   0499 300 400
Email:   Davecatania@agaus.com.au

Associated Gaskets Perth Opening Hours

Monday through Friday: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Popular Products at our Perth Branch

Below are some of the most popular products that our Perth branch supplies to local industry. This really is just a small sample of our range and what our Perth branch holds in stock. 

All up, Associated Gaskets carries well over 1,000 distinct products and materials and can cut or fabricate them into an almost infinite array or sizes and parts. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do what we can to assist.

Cork Sheets for Gaskets and Sealing

Cork Sheets

AG’s selection of cork materials are widely used in a diverse range of sealing, dampening and general gasket applications. These rubberised corks combine the durability and toughness of cork with the elastomeric properties of rubber to form materials whose benefits really are greater than the sum of their parts.

Our Perth Branch stocks a selection of different types of cork sheet. These include:

  • MR31 Mechanical Grade Cork
  • NP50 Neoprene Bonded Electrical Grade Cork
  • ACN60 Nitrile Bonded Cork for sealing oils and fuels.

They can also arrange for cut cork gaskets, strips and other types of seals to be produced to your sample, drawing or sketch.

Statite Oil Jointing Gasket Paper

An economical, general-purpose gasket paper sheet. Statite Oil Jointing withstands up to 120°C and is usually used for sealing things like gearboxes, carburetors and fuel pumps.

Statite is fairly easy to cut and work with and is often selected for sealing jobs with low bolt loads and/or narrow flange faces.

It’s available by the metre (1 metre wide) from our Perth branch in thicknesses ranging from 0.25mm to 3mm.

Brown Statite Gasket Material Standing Roll
FingerSaver Safety Tools - Large and Small at Associated Gaskets Perth

FingerSavers – Hands Off Safety Tools

FingerSavers are specially designed safety tools. Widely used by a variety of industries, these tools keep your workers safe when working with flogging spanners and wrenches. They allow the work tool to be safely gripped while keeping all fingers safely away from any danger.

Associated Gaskets Perth stocks FingerSavers in three different sizes to suit different requirements.

Vidaflex Electrical Sleeving

Vidaflex Sleeving is typically used for the insulation and protection of cables, wires and hoses. Available in a selection of different styles, it offers consistently high performance and ease of use.

Associated Gaskets Perth stocks a range of Vidaflex including…

♦ Vidaflex 942 Acrylic Insulation Sleeving in a number of sizes and colours.
♦ Vidaflex SD550 Silicone Fibreglass Sleeve for high temperature application.

For more information, or to find out if the size / colour you’re after is in stock, please do contact us.

Electrical Insulation Sleeving and Tube Associated Gaskets Perth.
Fibreglass Heat Insulation Tape

Fibreglass Heat Insulation Tape

Capable of withstanding up to 500°C and providing very good protection from heat, our Industrial Fibreglass Heat Insulation Tape is available in a wide selection of thicknesses and widths.

Our standard grade is very economical and stocked in Perth. This tape has good flexibility and is easy to wrap around pipes, hoses and cables. Once in place, the fibreglass has good wear resistance and is very long lasting.

In addition to this standard grade, we have many, many more styles available. These include higher density grades (which provide more efficient heat breakdown), silicone coated styles and more. 


We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of threadlockers and industrial-grade anaerobic adhesives. This range includes many different styles so you can pick the very best one for your needs.

Our Weiconlock Range includes threadlockers, adhesives for pipes and fittings, shaft hub connections, bearings and liquid gasket adhesives. All sizes of thread are covered and different strengths are available. Threadlockers and adhesives for high temperatures are also stocked.

This range includes over 50 different styles with all available in different size pens. We can definitely help find the best one for your needs so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Weiconlock Threadlocker used to seal a bolt with the threadlockers range in the background
Weicon Black Seal Oil and Grease Resistant Silicone Gasket Maker

Black-Seal Oil and Grease Resistant Silicone Gasket Maker

Our Black Seal is a high performance silicone made for high strength bonding and gasket making. This silicone has excellent resistance to oil and grease and very good high temperature performance (up to 300°C).

Weicon Black Seal is often used for leak proof sealing of gearboxes, oil trays, pumps, valves, flanges, tanks and containers. It bonds well to a variety of materials (including steel, glass, ceramic and aluminium) and is very long lasting.

Black-Seal is available from Associated Gaskets Perth in 3 different sizes so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

W44T Penetrating Oil and Anti-Corrosion Lubricant

Weicon W44T  is a high quality product with an incredible number of applications. Available from Associated Gaskets in two different style spray cans as well as liquid form, W44T can be used for:

  • Loosening seized screws, bolts, fittings and valves
  • Penetrating and dissolving rust
  • Dispelling moisture from electrical contacts
  • Eliminating squeaking and creaking hinges, guides, bearings, joints and couplings
  • Cleaning dirty metal surfaces (where it leaves a thin film that does not smear, slick or attract dust)
  • And for the protection of tools, machines and precision instruments.

Slightly yellow in colour with a vanilla-tinged smell, this incredibly versatile penetrating oil and lubricant is used in all kinds of different areas. These include workshops, shipping, electrical, agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic applications for maintenance, assembly and general protection.

W44T Penetrating Oil and Anti-Corrosion Lubricant Spray and Liquid at Associated Gaskets Newcastle
Weicon Brake Cleaner Spray - Fast, Effective High Quality Cleaner

Brake Cleaner

Weicon Brake Cleaner is a universal cleaner specially designed for automotive applications. This high quality industrial strength cleaner quickly and effectively cleans and degreases metals, glass and many plastics. Unlike conventional thinners, Weicon Brake Cleaner evaporates without leaving any residue resulting in minimal to no clean up.

Our Brake Cleaner is colourless and has a citrus-tinged smell. This cleaning spray is typically used for cleaning all kinds of brake components (drum and disc brakes, brake linings, brake shoes, cylinders, springs and bushings) as well as on clutch linings, clutch parts, carburetors, gears and petrol and oil pumps.

Isoval Epoxy Glass Laminate

Isoval is a high quality grade of rigid epoxy glass laminate typically used for electrical insulation work. Available in a large selection of thicknesses, Isoval 11 is the most popular style of Epoxy Glass offered by Associated Gaskets and can be provided in sheets, cut parts, machined slot wedges, fabricated components and strips.

Isoval 11 meets or exceeds all the requirements of a G11 rated epoxy. It is stocked in our Perth branch in a selection of sizes. To enquire about availability, or talk to the team about fabricated parts, please do contact us.

Isoval Epoxy Glass Laminate G11
Rubber Sheet for Gaskets, Lining and Sealing from Associated Gaskets Perth

Rubber Sheet for Gaskets, Lining and Sealing

Associated Gaskets Perth stocks a large range of different rubber sheets for making gaskets, sealing strips or lining. We keep everything from Natural Insertion Rubber and Neoprene Sheet through to Nitrile, EPDM, Chutex, Silicone and Viton.

Among our most popular is our premium grade silicone rubber sheet. This has excellent temperature resistance, good chemical compatibility and makes a very good sealing rubber.

Our Perth team can help with everything from choosing the best rubber gasket material through to cutting your gaskets there on-site for urgent jobs. Contact us for more information.

Anti-Seize Lubrication Solutions

Associated Gaskets Perth is pleased to offer a selection of quality lubricants and anti-seize solutions. These include everything from adhesive spray-on greases to our all-round lubricant range and anti-seize.

Our Anti-Seize selection includes 4 different styles for different requirements. Whether you prefer Copper Paste, Anti-Seize Standard, Nickel Anti-Seize or our high temperature, metal-Free and NSF approved Anti-Seize High Tech; we have you covered.

All of our industrial lubricants and anti-seize solutions are available in a selection of styles and sizes. For more information, or assistance in finding the best solutions for your work, please do contact us.

Anti-Seize and Industrial Lubricants from Associated Gaskets
Motor Winding Accessories at Associated Gaskets Perth

Motor Winding Supplies

Our Perth team has extensive experience in helping Electric Motor Rewinders and keep a large range of winding supplies and consumables in stock. These include everything from Slot Sticks and Preformed Wedges through to Plastic Motor Fans, Terminal Blocks, Thermistors and much, much more.

Whether you need a balancing putty, a few rolls of insulation tape or a couple of metres of DMD, NKN or NMN, we can help. 

Services Offered at Associated Gaskets Perth

Our Perth branch is much more than just a warehouse. The real reason it exists is to provide personal, local service to all our customers all over WA.

Below are just some of the services provided by our Perth team. This is a summary only, they’re really there to help in any way they can.

ATOM Oscillating Knife Cutting

ATOM Oscillating Knife Cutting at Associated Gaskets Perth

For fast, accurate and economical cut gaskets and parts, we are pleased to offer our ATOM Oscillating Knife Cutting service. This machine allows us to quickly fabricate a wide variety of different materials into the exact shape required.

Since our knife cutter works from CAD files, there’s very little setup time or cost which makes short run jobs quite practical. Coupled with our large range of stocked materials, it also makes fast delivery into Perth and surrounding areas possible.

Our Perth team will be able to work from your drawings, sketches, samples or dimension lists. To learn more about this service, or arrange a quote for your cut gaskets or parts, please do contact us.

Product Advice and Suggestions

One of the best things about our job is getting to help people solve problems. We really enjoy finding new solutions for new applications, or identifying the best product for a particular need.

While we will continue to publish product information and videos on our site, sometimes there’s no substitute for personalised advice and service. 

Our Perth team have a wealth of experience with all kinds of sealing, insulating, bonding and many other types of applications and would be very glad to help you find a solution to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a lining material for a very high temperature oven, an exhaust manifold gasket material, or a threadlocker able to withstand 200°C, we can help.

Product Advise and Suggestions from Associated Gaskets Perth

Local Stock

Cork Gasket Sheet being cut to size in Associated Gaskets Perth

We understand how urgent some requirements are. Waiting for goods to come across from the east (or further) can sometimes simply not be an option. That’s a big part of why we have our branches, to keep local stock available to help all of our customers out when things can’t wait.

Associated Gaskets Perth keeps a huge range of different materials in stock. Everything from gasket and sealing materials to different types of thermal and electrical insulation, adhesives, tapes and safety products are kept on hand. We’ll be the first to admit that not everything is in stock, but a large amount is.

If you need one of our products quickly, the branch is a great place to start. On the off-chance they don’t have it on the shelf, they’ll do their best to get it to you as quickly as possible and, if it’s an item you’ll use again and again, we can look to keep it locally for you.

To check if a particular size of item is in stock, please do contact our Perth team.

Sample Identification, Measurement and Reverse-Engineering

Sometimes, all you have to work from is the old part. This can be true with a blown-out gasket, an insulator out of a motor, or what’s left of a boiler door seal. No matter, if you can bring in your old sample, we’ll be happy to help identify the material, measure it up and produce a new one.

With our years of experience, we’re used to the challenges of working from less than perfect samples and can help compensate for missing parts or identify alternatives to older materials that are no longer made. We’re also not afraid to get our hands dirty and will be more than happy to help measure and inspect the item.

Whether you need a couple of new gaskets or a couple of hundred, our Perth team is here to help work out what material and size you need, and get you your new ones as soon as possible.

Identification of materials and reverse engineering of samples

Site Call-Outs

Associated Gaskets Newcastle can come to see you to measure gaskets and identify products.

For some jobs, bringing in a sample isn’t really practical. We understand. When you need someone to come out and help measure a flange or identify a material that’s still in service, our team can help with that as well.

For years, Associated Gaskets Perth has been conducting regular visits to all of our customers in the surrounding region. These can often be arranged urgently to help with breakdowns or other time-sensitive needs.

We’re more than happy to get our hands dirty and really enjoy having the opportunity to see first-hand some of the amazing uses people have come up with for our products. To arrange a visit from one of our experienced team, please do get in contact with our Perth branch today.

Get In Touch

Our Perth team are here to help. Whether you have questions about the best product for a particular job, the availability of a specific size, or something else altogether, they’ll do their best to assist.

To send a message to our Perth Branch, please fill out the simple form below. Alternatively, contact phone numbers and email addresses for all team members are back at the top of this page.

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