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MS Polymer Elastic Adhesives

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MS Polymer Elastic Adhesives and Sealants are strong, long-lasting adhesives that are often used in place of traditional silicones.

These adhesives contain no silicone or isocyanate and bond well to a variety of different materials including metals, plastics and rubbers.  They can be used to seal or bond and exhibit high adhesive power, without the use of primers.

Our range of MS Polymer based elastic adhesives and sealants contains a number of grades. Among them is the all-round Flex 310 M Classic, our crystal clear Flex 310 M Crystal and our Flex 310 M HT 200 which is
ideal for powder coating work.

The range is rounded out by some other specialised grades like our Speed-Flex (for construction), Solar-Flex (for the solar industry) and Aqua-Flex (for when you need an adhesive sealant that will work underwater). These are just some of the great products in this range. For assistance in choosing the best one for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.