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Weicon Aqua-Flex

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Weicon Aqua-Flex

A special adhesive sealant that has been designed for use in wet and humid environments and can be used to repair surfaces that are underwater.

Highly elastic and versatile, it exhibits good adhesion to a range of different materials including metals, many plastics, ceramic, wood, glass, stone and more.

Resistant to salt and sea water, has outstanding UV stability, and is ISEGA recognised as an adhesive suitable for use in food processing applications.


Weicon Aqua-Flex is a special adhesive and sealant that has been specifically designed for use in wet and humid environments. This high quality elastic adhesive offers good gap filling capabilities (up to about 5mm deep by 25mm wide) and cures with practically no shrinkage to form a permanently elastic bond that withstands UV and a wide range of media.

One of the really special features of Weicon Aqua-Flex is its ability to be used for repair surfaces that are submerged.

In addition to being used for repairs to submerged surfaces or components, Weicon Aqua-Flex is perfect for a number of other applications. These include:

  • Sealing Tubes, Water Pipes and Tanks
  • Bonding PVC or Plastic Foils (such as pond liners)
  • Bonding and Sealing of ventilation and air conditioning installations
  • Sealing in high humidity environments
  • Repair and Bonding work in the marine sector
  • Repairs to leaking roofs or walls
  • All areas where products that contain silicones are not permitted

The advantages offered by Weicon Aqua-Flex are numerous, but some of the more prominent ones include:

  • Its resistance to salt and sea water
  • Outstanding aging stability
  • Good UV Stability
  • The fact it remains permanently elastic after curing
  • Its fast skin-over time (25 minutes approx.)
  • The fact Aqua-Flex is free of silicone and solvents whilst also curing with a neutral odour
  • ISEGA recognition as an adhesive suitable for use in food processing applications

This high quality elastic adhesive is highly versatile and exhibits good adhesion to a range of different material types. These include metals, many plastics, ceramic, wood, glass, stone and more. It also bonds well to both aluminium and stainless steel without the use of a primer.

Once cured, Weicon Aqua-Flex has a shore hardness of 42 Shore A and an elongation at break of 650%. This adhesive withstands temperatures of between -40ºC and +90ºC whilst also tolerating short term spikes up to 130ºC. Weicon Aqua-Flex can be overpainted using the “wet in wet” method.

Available Sizes and Colours

Weicon Aqua-Flex is available from your local Associated Gaskets in 310ml cartridges which can be dispensed using a normal cartridge gun. Available colours are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
Using Weicon Aqua-Flex

First, ensure that surfaces to be bonded are clean and free of oil or grease. Generally speaking a higher bond strength will be achieved if you apply the adhesive to a surface that has been slightly roughened though this is not always required.

Next, cut the nozzle to the required size and apply. For best results Weicon Aqua-Flex should be used in temperatures between +5ºC and 40ºC with between 30% and 95% relative humidity. In such conditions skin over time on this adhesive will be around 25 minutes.

All of our Weicon elastic one-part adhesive cure under the influence of humidity. The curing process starts at the surface of the adhesive and proceeds inwards from there. At 50% relative humidity and 23ºC, the cure speed will be approximately 3mm in the first 24 hours.

Adhesive bonds of larger surfaces or with greater layer thicknesses cure more slowly since the humidity cannot penetrate as quickly to the inside if the outer layers have already cured. Higher temperatures will accelerate curing, lower temperatures will reduce the cure rate.

For more information on using Weicon Aqua-Flex, or assistance with determining this products’ suitability for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

Adhesive Finder Tool

Unsure if this adhesive is suitable for your application? Try Weicon’s handy Adhesive Finder tool!

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