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AG Sydney (Head Office)

Since the companies founding in 1965, Associated Gaskets Sydney has been our head office and main base. 

This continues today with this location housing the majority of our fabrication facilities along with an enormous range of stock materials.

Associated Gaskets Sydney stocks an enormous range of electrical insulation, gasket and sealing products, thermal insulation, adhesives and more. 

We combine this with comprehensive fabrication facilities and product support so we can provide you with just the solution your application requires.

Contact Details for Associated Gaskets Sydney

Phone:   (02) 9774 3333
Fax:       (02) 9774 1100

Address: 68 Marigold St, Revesby NSW 2212
PO Box 349, Revesby North NSW 2212

Associated Gaskets Sydney Opening Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:00am to 4:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

The Counter Sales office is located on the corner of Marigold Place & Marigold Street. Parking is available either in the main car park off Marigold Street or in the dedicated parking bays just into Marigold Place.

Popular Products at our Sydney Branch

Electrical Sleeving.

Whether you require pre-cut lengths of heat shrink tube, a reliable source of Vidaflex in all kinds of sizes, or a specialised sleeving for high voltage and high temperatures, our range has you covered.  We’ve worked to expand our stock to cover all kinds of requirements and now carry a large selection of styles, sizes and colours.

Our heat shrink range is available in a number of different variations and types. They include the  popular thin wall, thick wall and more specialised adhesive lined varieties. Most are available in either pre-cut lengths, short dispenser rolls or bulk rolls for larger users.

Vidaflex 942, SD550, 111 and many, many more popular sleevings are stocked in large quantities at Associated Gaskets in Sydney.

Flange Spray Shields.

Used to protect your personnel, plant and equipment from leaks; Flange Spray Shields are a cost effective maintenance solution that can also help identify a slow leak in the first place. 

These simple yet highly effective products wrap around the outside of the flange and catch leaking fluids.

Available to suit all standard flange sizes with custom made options also available. 

AG Sydney can provide flange spray shields in a few different material options and is happy to assist in selection, sizing and supply.

Silicone Adhesives & Sealants.

AG Sydney’s range of Silicone Adhesives and Sealants includes products from many manufacturers and covers everything from everyday glazing and bonding to critical encapsulating and high temperature sealing work. This range includes both one-part and two-part silicones available in a variety of styles.

Popular styles like RTV-100 Series from Momentive, the SCS range of Neutral and Acetic Cure Silicones and high-quality sealants from Weicon are all available in several different colours and styles. To further enhance this range, we can also offer different primers to assist with bonding various types of materials.

We also stock a large range of more specialised silicones like our oil and grease resistant Black Seal, our high temperature HT 300 and our two-part RTV 627 which is ideal for encapsulating and moulding work.

Cork Sheets.

AG’s selection of cork materials are widely used in a diverse range of sealing, dampening and general gasket applications. These rubberised corks combine the durability and toughness of cork with the elastomeric properties of rubber to form materials whose benefits really are greater than the sum of their parts.

Our Sydney Branch stocks a selection of different types of cork sheet. These include:

MR31 Mechanical Grade Cork.

NP50 Neoprene Bonded Electrical Grade Cork.

ACN60 Nitrile Bonded Cork for sealing oils and fuels.

They can also arrange for cut cork gaskets, strips and other types of seals to be produced to your sample, drawing or sketch.

Epoxy Glass Laminates.

Epoxy Glass Laminates

Used to make all kinds of electrical insulation components and parts, Epoxy Glass Laminates are made in a variety of different grades. To meet the needs of different applications, we carry an array of different types in stock with many held in a large range of sizes.

Our range of Epoxy Glass Laminates is led by the popular Isoval 11. This outstanding electrical insulation material meets or exceeds NEMA G10 and G11 requirements. Isoval 11 has excellent machinability and is stocked in an extensive range of thicknesses from 0.2mm to 100mm.

Common specifications like G10, G11, FR4 and FR5 are all covered by our range with many more specialised types also available. All can be provided in sheet form or custom fabricated to suit the requirements of your project.

Fibreglass Cloths.

Fibreglass cloths continue to prove themselves as one of the most versatile, robust and long lasting forms of insulation fabric. They combine excellent temperature resistance with very good chemical compatibility, ageing stability and physical strength. Because of this  combination of benefits, they are used as the base material for a variety of different styles of insulation.

We are pleased to offer a huge selection of fibreglass cloths and fibreglass based insulation materials. These include everything from various grades of standard, untreated woven fibreglass to many, many more specialised grades. 

Fibreglass coated with silicone, vertex or aluminium are all held in stock, as are other grades that have been reinforced with steel or treated to make tacky gasket materials or to create our rewettable cloth lagging.

General-Purpose Gasket Materials.

For industrial grade sealing, Associated Gaskets offers our range of general-purpose gasket materials. As an independent company, we are pleased to stock a number of different products from a range of brands. These include everything from KlingerSil C4430 to Garlock’s BlueGuard 3000 and many more.

Our full range of general-purpose gasket materials includes a large number of different grades and types to suit various applications. All are stocked in a range of thicknesses with many also held in extra-large sheets so larger gaskets can be supplied in one piece when it is required.

Whether you require an economical, all-round compressed fibre material like our Conafi, a slightly  higher spec option like our Blackmar, a material designed for compressor sealing (C5400) or something else entirely, we’re able to assist.

Liquid Gasket Adhesives.

In addition to our enormous range of conventional gasket options, AG Wollongong is pleased to offer a  variety of liquid gasket adhesives. This includes a number of the silicone and MS polymer adhesives mentioned earlier as well as dedicated grades of Weiconlock for Flange Sealing and

Weiconlock Gasket Adhesives are very easy to use and are often a good option for sealing irregular, close fitting flanges that operate at low pressure (up to 6 bar). In these applications, they can replace conventional gaskets and create a permanent, leak-free seal without the need for cutting or fitting.

Thermal Insulation Batts.

Thermal Batts are a popular choice for insulating large amounts of heat. 

Widely used in all kinds of kilns, ovens, furnaces and boilers as well as for the wrapping of pipes, covering of equipment and lining of surfaces; these flexible insulation materials offer excellent heat breakdown and, depending on the material a range of ancillary benefits.

Associated Gaskets Sydney is pleased to offer a large selection of thermal batts. Available materials include our fibreglass, ceramic and Refrasil batts all stocked in a range of grades and sizes. This means we can offer insulation batts to suit everything from acoustic and temperature requirements, to thermal protection in environments greater than 1400°C.

Spiral Wound Gaskets.

Manufactured from a combination of metal and a flexible filler, Spiral Wound Gaskets have been a mainstay of high pressure sealing for over 100 years. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of these high performance gaskets to suit any kind of flange, assembly, media or sealing requirement.

Whether you require standard, Type WR spirals for a 4” ANSI Flange, or a custom-sized spiral designed specifically for hydrofluoric acid processing, we can assist.

All common flange sizes and specifications are covered with many of the most popular sizes and material configurations held in large stock quantities.

Services Offered at Associated Gaskets Sydney

Since our Sydney Branch also serves as our Head Office, AG Sydney can provide our full range of fabrication services.

This includes everything from waterjet cutting and knife cutting of gasket materials through to precision tape slitting and conversion, kiss-cutting, machining and sewing.

The links below provide more information on some of these services. For more information on any, or to discuss custom product requirements or a particular application, please do contact us.

Product Advice and Suggestions

One of the best things about our job is getting to help people solve problems. We really enjoy finding new solutions for new applications, or identifying the best product for a particular need.

While we will continue to publish product information and videos on our site, sometimes there’s no substitute for personalised advice and service. 

Our Sydney team have a wealth of experience with all kinds of sealing, insulating, bonding and many other types of applications and would be very glad to help you find a solution to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a lining material for a very high temperature oven, an exhaust manifold gasket material, or a threadlocker able to withstand 200°C, we can help.

Sample Identification, Measurement and Reverse-Engineering

Sometimes, all you have to work from is the old part. This can be true with a blown-out gasket, an insulator out of a motor, or what’s left of a boiler door seal. No matter, if you can bring in your old sample, we’ll be happy to help identify the material, measure it up and produce a new one.

With over 50 years of experience, we’re used to the challenges of working from less than perfect samples and can help compensate for missing parts or identify alternatives to older materials that are no longer made. We’re also not afraid to get our hands dirty and will be more than happy to help measure and inspect the item.

Whether you need a couple of new gaskets or a couple of hundred, our team is here to help work out what material and size you need, and get you your new ones as soon as possible.

Site Call-Outs

For some jobs, bringing in a sample isn’t really practical. We understand. When you need someone to come out and help measure a flange or identify a material that’s still in service, our Sydney team can help with that as well.

For years, Associated Gaskets Sydney has been conducting regular visits to all of our customers in the surrounding region. These can often be arranged urgently to help with breakdowns or other time-sensitive needs.

We’re more than happy to get our hands dirty and really enjoy having the opportunity to see first-hand some of the amazing uses people have come up with for our products. To arrange a visit from one of our experienced team, please do get in contact with our Sydney branch today.

Local Stock

Associated Gaskets keeps a huge range of different materials in stock. Everything from gasket and sealing materials to different types of thermal and electrical insulation, adhesives, tapes and safety products are kept on hand. 

Our range is constantly expanding to meet new requirements and we’re happy to work with you to make sure any ongoing products needs are covered. 

To enquire about the availability of a particular product, or for more information on how we can assist you, please do contact us.