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Even though AG stocks one of Australia’s largest varieties of laminate, in an enormous range of thicknesses, we know there are times when a components thickness will be absolutely critical and not align with available sheet stock. To cater for these situations, AG offers a fully-fledged thicknessing service for all our rigid laminate materials which allows us to offer sheet stock or finished components in the exact thickness you require.

Pretty much all of our rigid electrical insulation materials can be thicknessed (including our Isoval Epoxy Glass Laminates, Haysite Polyester Glass and Synthetic Bonded Fibres). On the off-chance that we don’t have the material you need, or for times when you’re looking to use up existing stock, AG is also able to thickness other materials provided by you.

Our thicknessing capabilities allow us to process sheets up to 800mm in width. Maximum length is usually around 2000mm, though we can reconfigure this process to handle longer sheets if required. For more information on this service and the tight tolerances able to be achieved, or to discuss whether AG is able to thickness your material for you, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.