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Plastic Metal Epoxy Adhesives & Coatings

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Our Plastic Metal range is a collection of almost 20 distinct styles of 2 Part Epoxy Resin bonding, filling, lining, coating and mould making compounds.

It includes liquid, self-levelling types which can be poured and thicker, putty like grades which are ideal for rebuilding worn or broken parts.

Each grade in the Plastic Metal range is designed to offer different  benefits. This is achieved by varying the fillers used with the epoxy resin. The result is different grades capable of either extreme wear resistance (WR & WR2), high temperature performance (TI & BL) and one which can set underwater (UW).

All grades in the Plastic Metal Range bond well to most materials and cure with almost zero shrinkage. Once set, they will form a tough, hard compound that can be drilled, milled, ground or filed and will offer excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.