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Paper Electrical Tapes

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Our selection of paper based electrical tapes includes a large variety of  grades and types. This part of our range features our slit Nomex papers which can be modified to suit your requirements for length, width and grade.

As agents for DuPont, Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer all kinds of Nomex including the popular Nomex 410 as well as more specialised types like 411, 414 and 418. We are also pleased to offer our NM13 Adhesive Nomex Tape. Like the non-adhesive tapes mentioned before, this tape is available in a selection of widths and can be precision slit to suit your needs.

These are just some of the paper electrical tapes we stock. 3M 12 Flat Paper, Crepe Paper Tape and many, many more are also widely held and available in a selection of widths and styles. For more information on the full range available, please contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.