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Packing Tools & Extractors

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To compliment our large range of gland packing, we are pleased to offer an equally diverse selection of packing tools. This range includes our  specialised packing extractors which allow you to remove old, used packing easily and safely.

These are available in a selection of sizes along with special accessories like formed hooks, brushes and replacement tips.

Also featured here are out packing cutter tools. We offer specialised  packing scissors that work with most types of packing and let you cut quickly and safely. They can be set to cut at either 90° or 45° for perfect  butt or skive joins depending on your needs.

This range of packing tools and accessories makes installation of our  packing much easier.

We’re always expanding the range available so if you need a particular tool for a job, or would like more information on one of the ones mentioned here, please do let us know.