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AG’s range of Multi-Layered / Composite insulation include a large number of different electrical insulation materials brought together by the fact that all are flexible and comprised of more than one base materials. This range includes our DMD Insulation papers (both grades, Premium Quality DMD and our standard F Class DMD), Isonom NKN (Nomex-Kapton-Nomex), Isonom NMN (Nomex-Mylar-Nomex) and many, many more. Among these are our flexible mica sheets (both vinyl bonded and silicone bonded GMG are listed), Voltaflex, Calmicaglas, Feinmicaglas, Poroband and a large number of even more specialised grades of electrical insulation.

With a range this big, you can be confident that Associated Gaskets has the flexible insulation composite or multi-layered insulation material you need. Of course, like so many of our other product groups, we also couple this range with our versatile and comprehensive fabrication facilities so we’re offering not just the best materials, but the best option for getting the exact size, shape and form your require.