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In some applications, something between a thermal batt and board is  needed. Flexibility will be required, but so will a density higher than those usually offered by batts or blankets. For those situations, we offer  our range of thermal insulation felts.

We stock a range of these high temperature insulation materials each  with their own capabilities and benefits. This includes our Cerafelt high  temperature felt gasket material and our Ceramic Wet Felt for moulding and complex shaped insulation which can be installed on site. Both can withstand 1260°C and are available in a selection of sizes.

Other specialised grades include our TTT thermal felt which expands to  fill voids and provide a very good insulation barrier.

These high performance thermal felts are available as sheets or in  custom components from Associated Gaskets. We can use them as filler  for high temperature expansion joints, or make precision cut felt gaskets or high temperature sealing. Whatever your requirements, speak to us  today for more information on our thermal felt range.