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Graphite & Mica Based Gasket Materials

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When you need a gasket to seal a high pressure line that runs at elevated temperatures, a graphite based sheet is usually one of the better options.

For these applications, we’ve developed a range of different graphite gasket materials so you can get the exact seal you need.

Our range includes everything from Topgraph 2000 (a graphite based compressed fibre) through to different types of reinforced graphite sheet. Standard Tanged Graphite is stocked in a number of different size sheets while more specialised grades like our 316SS reinforced  HochDruck are carried in a number of thicknesses.

The range also features Milam PSS, a mica based, stainless steel  reinforced material for extreme temperatures.

Together, this selection of different materials ensures that all common high temperature, high pressure sealing requirements can be met. We combine extensive material stock with comprehensive fabrication facilities so you can be sure that we can help with any graphite based gasket requirement.