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Lytherm Ceramic Paper

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For applications requiring a high temperature thermal paper, AG offers  our Lytherm. It is lightweight, flexible and dielectric. Capable of  performance in applications ranging up to 1260°C, Lytherm is resistant to most chemicals and offers low thermal conductivity, low heat storage  and excellent compression recovery.

This lightweight, cost effective insulation is used in a variety of different  areas. Just some examples include high temperature gaskets, hot top  linings, door and lid thermal barriers, induction furnace insulation and various types of heat shields and barriers.

Our standard grade of Lytherm is available in a variety of widths,  thicknesses and can be supplied cut to order. It is also often used as a filler material in our custom-made thermal blankets and insulation  pads.

Higher temperature grades are also available for even more demanding  thermal requirements.