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Specialised Electrical Tapes

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Our range of specialised electrical tapes has developed over the years to help customers with particular requirements.

Today it features a wide variety of different styles of tape each focused  on solving a particular need or specific requirement.

Included in this range is our high quality Res-I-Glas Banding Tape from  Fiber-Tek. Manufactured in the USA, this tape has excellent workability, very good resin flow and excellent mechanical strength. It is available in a selection of widths and roll lengths to suit either machine or manual taping setups.

Other tapes featured here included the 3M 24 Braided Wire Shielding Tape, our Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape and many, many more. If you need a particular type of tape for insulating or sealing and electrical application, chances are we can help.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how.