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Pipe Repair & Protection Tapes

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Piping is a critical part of any plant. Consequently, proper maintenance and having solutions on hand for if things go wrong is very important.

To assist with this, we’ve developed our range of Pipe Repair and Protection Tapes to cover everything from corrosion and impact  protection to emergency repairs to cracked or leaking pipes.

For corrosion protection, we offer our selection of Petro Tapes. These general-purpose, economical tapes provide long lasting corrosion  protection and can be used for above or below ground pipes and fittings. They are available in a range of sizes and different styles along with an overwrap tape for additional protection from atmospheric influences,  abrasion and impact.

We also stock our HydroWrap Emergency Pipe Repair Bandage in a  range of sizes. This specialised tape is made from a water- activated, epoxy-impregnated cloth and can be wrapped around leaking or cracked pipes. It then sets hard to form a permanent, leak-free seal.