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Resin Impregnated Insulation

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For high voltage insulation requirements, Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer a large selection of flexible, resin-impregnated materials. These include Calmicaglas 0893 & 2005 flexible mica materials, Prefilz B-Stage Felt and our Prinom B resin-infused Nomex paper.

All of the materials in this range are available in a selection of different forms to suit your requirements. They can be supplied by the roll or, when it suits, in pre-fabricated components which can reduce your labour and wastage (especially for large or repeat jobs).

Flexible, resin-impregnated insulation materials are most commonly used for the insulation of high voltage coils and conductors. In addition, they can also be used for making interlayer insulation (e.g. J Pieces) or for the manufacture and moulding of formed, rigid insulating components.