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Prinom B 2083

Material AG000142S01 Category

Prinom B 2083

A specialised form of flexible high voltage electrical insulation that is constructed from Nomex insulation paper coated with insulating resin.

Prinom B 2083 is a specialised electrical insulation material made from Nomex® paper which has been coated on both sides with a modified epoxy resin. This prepreg is typically used for the insulation of high voltage electrical machines where it is wrapped around (or placed between) items that are then heated and pressed; this causes the insulating resin to flow which serves to adhere items together whilst simultaneously filling any voids in surrounding insulation.

Prinom B 2083 is a highly flexible material that is easy to cut, shape and bend. It is utilised in 180ºC (Class H) rated electrical applications for the insulation of rectangular wires or it can be pressed as main insulation to coils for low voltage or medium voltage machines. Prinom B 2083 is also utilised for gluing together and insulating conductors, such as pole coils in DC motors.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.003” through to 0.011”, Prinom B 2083 is offered in roll, metre, tape and cut component form by AG. Full rolls are 914mm wide x 50mtrs long and supplied with an interlayer to prevent sticking. AG can also supply this material in pre-cut component form to reduce labour and wastage. We’ve had years of experience cutting precisely shaped “C” and “J” pieces to suit specific coil configurations and would be happy to assist with your application.

To discuss the full range of options available, or for information on our Prinom E 2084 (similar in construct but with epoxy resin on just one side), please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

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