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Gasket Cutters & Hole Punches

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We recognise that sometimes “urgent” doesn’t begin to describe how  quickly you need your gasket. Sometimes, you simply have to have it then and there.

To help with these situations, we are pleased to offer a selection of high quality gasket cutting and hole punching tools to let you make the exact gasket you require onsite.

This range of tools includes our Allpax Ring Gasket Cutters which are available in 3 different sizes to suit different gasket sizes and materials. It also includes a number of different wad punches, dovetail punches  and tools to assist with making O-rings and other types of seals.

All of our gasket cutting tools are made from high quality materials and are very long lasting. For more information on the full range available, or help working out which ones make the most sense to keep on hand for your plant or worksite, please do contact us.