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Compact Gasket Cutting Kit

Material AG000202-7217 Category

Compact Gasket Cutting Kit

A small yet capable gasket cutting tool for making ring gaskets from a variety of different materials.

Our Allpax Compact Gasket Cutting Kit can cut gaskets up to 152mm OD.

Allpax Model Number: AX2010

Our Compact Gasket Cutting Kit is designed for making small diameter gaskets.

This tool can cut gaskets up to 152mm (1/4″ to 6″) in diameter. It includes a 150mm square cutting board, phenolic cutting block with multiple blade styles and comes in a metal storage case.

It’s a good option for those who will only be cutting small gaskets from time to time.

Made in the USA by Allpax, Compact Gasket Cutting Kits are easy to use, portable and long lasting.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Pointed Blades
  • (1) Curved Blades
  • (1) Lathe-type Blades
  • (1) Rounded Tip Blades
  • (1) Short Centre Blades
  • (1) Medium Centre Pins
  • (1) Long Centre Pins
  • (1) 6″ Cutting Board
  • (1) Pivot Post Assembly
  • (1) Instructions