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AG Victoria

Associated Gaskets first opened our Melbourne branch back in 1982. Since then, we’ve moved around a couple of times before settling on our current location in Dandenong South. 

Today, AG Victoria is focused on providing service, local stock and support to our customers throughout Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Our Victorian branch is open Monday to Friday and holds a large range of stock. These include many common rubber, cork and fibre gasket materials, a large variety of electrical and heat insulation products, and numerous adhesives, sealants and safety products.

This is all so we can provide the very best service possible with fast deliveries, local knowledge and many years of experience.

Contact Details for Associated Gaskets Victoria

Phone Number: 03 8760 0000

Email Address:

Street Address: Unit 3 / 7 England St, Dandenong VIC 3175

Associated Gaskets Victoria Opening Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:am to 4:30pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Popular Products at our Victoria Branch

Below are some of the most popular products that our Melbourne branch supplies to local industry. This really is just a small sample of our range and what this branch holds in stock. 

All up, Associated Gaskets carries well over 1,000 distinct products and materials and can cut or fabricate them into an almost infinite array or sizes and parts. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do what we can to assist.

Fireshield Millboard.

Millboard is a type of high temperature material usually made from organic fibres and a specialised binder. Our standard type, Fireshield 1000, is rated to 1000°C and is widely used in all kinds of insulation and sealing applications.

Millboard is often utilised as a straight insulation material in construction, as a filler for copper-enveloped high temperature gaskets, or as a standalone sealing material for furnaces, heaters, boilers, ovens and other heat sources.

We stock our Fireshield Millboard in a huge range of sizes and can also provide custom cut components to suit your requirements.

FingerSavers – Hands Off Safety Tools.

A must-have for any plant that has workers using flogging spanners, impact wrenches or hydraulic torque equipment. FingerSavers let you perform your task while keeping your hands safely away from impact zones, pinch points and potential hazards.

These high-quality hands-off tools have been proven to reduce worker injury rates in a number of industries around the world and are now seeing their use mandated by many companies here in Australia.

Tough, durable and very long lasting, FingerSavers are available from Associated Gaskets Melbourne in different sizes. These include the popular Compact design (small enough to fit in a toolbox), the original Standard and the extra-long size which allows for two-person operation.

Spray-On Adhesives.

Ideal for bonding larger surface areas and hard to reach areas, our range of adhesive sprays includes a selection of grades for different strength requirements. 

Whether you need to temporarily stick lightweight parts to a wall, or permanently affix plastic to metal, we have a solution available.

These easy to use sprays are versatile enough to work with most common types of materials including solid rubber, sponge, foam, plastic, wood, metal and more. Because of this versatility they make a great addition to any workshop.

Industrial Grade Rubber Materials.

Our range of industrial rubber materials includes Natural Rubber Insertion, Neoprene, Nitrile and EPDM which are all available in a huge range of sizes, durometers and grades.

By combining large stock holdings with a broad range of fabrication options, Associated Gaskets Melbourne can offer fast delivery of all kinds of industrial rubber gaskets, strip, sheet, tape or components. Whether you require a standard rubber table gasket, intricately cut rubber part or adhesive backed rubber strip, we can do all the work in-house to speed up delivery and save you downtime.

Black-Seal Oil and Grease Resistant Silicone Gasket Maker

Our Black Seal is a high performance silicone made for high strength bonding and gasket making. This silicone has excellent resistance to oil and grease and very good high temperature performance (up to 300°C).

Weicon Black Seal is often used for leak proof sealing of gearboxes, oil trays, pumps, valves, flanges, tanks and containers. It bonds well to a variety of materials (including steel, glass, ceramic and aluminium) and is very long lasting.

Black-Seal is available from Associated Gaskets Melbourne in 3 different sizes so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

Rubberised & Plasticised Electrical Tapes.

Whether you’re looking for reliable PVC tape or a specialised self-fusing silicone tape for insulating and sealing, our range of rubberised and plasticised electrical tapes has what you need. Tapes from some of the world’s leading manufacturers are available in a wide range of sizes and variations.

Popular styles and grades in this range include 3M Scotch 23, Super 33+ and Scotch 22 along with our special LevelWrap Silicone Self-Fusing and Mox-Tape with controlled elongation. Many, many more styles are available utilising all kinds of rubber or plastic backing materials with all common insulation requirements accounted for.

Cork Gasket Materials.

For decades, cork has been chosen as a sealing material because of its combination of excellent sealing performance, cost effectiveness and versatility. At Associated Gaskets, we are proud to have partnered with Amorim (the world leaders in cork) to offer a large variety of cork gasket sheets, strip and components for all kinds of applications.

We stock very large quantities of numerous grades of cork with many also available in strip, rolls and special thicknesses. The range includes everyday industrial grades used for engine sealing gaskets all the way through to high rubber content, specialised grades for making electrical grade seals for transformers and high voltage equipment.

Electrical Insulation Tube & Sleeving.

Whether you require pre-cut lengths of heat shrink tube, a reliable source of Vidaflex in all kinds of sizes, or a specialised sleeving for high voltage and high temperatures, our range has you covered.  We’ve worked to expand our stock to cover all kinds of requirements and now carry a large selection of styles, sizes and colours.

Our heat shrink range is available in a number of different variations and types. They include the  popular thin wall, thick wall and more specialised adhesive lined varieties. Most are available in either pre-cut lengths, short dispenser rolls or bulk rolls for larger users.

Vidaflex 942, SD550, 111 and many, many more popular sleevings are stocked in large quantities at Associated Gaskets in Melbourne.

Double Sided Tapes.

Available in a large selection of styles and all kinds of custom sizes, our range of double sided tapes can make mounting, bonding and fixing simple. 

This range includes everything from extremely thin (0.06mm) adhesive transfer tapes through to thicker, 3M VHB foam styles which are perfect for permanent bonding on rough or irregular surfaces.

Our range of double sided tapes includes quality solutions from a number of different brands so you can choose the exact style you require. 

We combine this selection with our in-house slitting facilities to produce custom width rolls and even pre-cut components for some grades.

Motor Winding Supplies.

Our Melbourne team has extensive experience in helping Electric Motor Rewinders and keep a large range of winding supplies and consumables in stock. 

These include everything from Slot Sticks and Preformed Wedges through to Plastic Motor Fans, Terminal Blocks, Thermistors and much, much more.

Whether you need a balancing putty, a few rolls of insulation tape or a couple of metres of DMD, NKN or NMN, we can help. 

Services Offered at Associated Gaskets Melbourne

Our Melbourne branch is much more than just a warehouse. The real reason it exists is to provide personal, local service to all our customers all over Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Below are just some of the services provided by our Melbourne team. This is a summary only, they’re really there to help in any way they can.

Product Advice and Suggestions

One of the best things about our job is getting to help people solve problems. We really enjoy finding new solutions for new applications, or identifying the best product for a particular need.

While we will continue to publish product information and videos on our site, sometimes there’s no substitute for personalised advice and service. 

Our Melbourne team have a wealth of experience with all kinds of sealing, insulating, bonding and many other types of applications and would be very glad to help you find a solution to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a lining material for a very high temperature oven, an exhaust manifold gasket material, or a threadlocker able to withstand 200°C, we can help.

Local Stock

We understand how urgent some requirements are. Waiting for goods can sometimes simply not be an option. That’s a big part of why we have our branches, to keep local stock available to help all of our customers out when things can’t wait.

Associated Gaskets Melbourne keeps a huge range of different materials in stock. Everything from gasket and sealing materials to different types of thermal and electrical insulation, adhesives, tapes and safety products are kept on hand. We’ll be the first to admit that not everything is in stock, but a large amount is.

If you need one of our products quickly, the branch is a great place to start. On the off-chance they don’t have it on the shelf, they’ll do their best to get it to you as quickly as possible and, if it’s an item you’ll use again and again, we can look to keep it locally for you.

To check if a particular size of item is in stock, please do contact our Victorian team.

Sample Identification, Measurement and Reverse-Engineering

Sometimes, all you have to work from is the old part. This can be true with a blown-out gasket, an insulator out of a motor, or what’s left of a boiler door seal. No matter, if you can bring in your old sample, we’ll be happy to help identify the material, measure it up and produce a new one.

With our years of experience, we’re used to the challenges of working from less than perfect samples and can help compensate for missing parts or identify alternatives to older materials that are no longer made. We’re also not afraid to get our hands dirty and will be more than happy to help measure and inspect the item.

Whether you need a couple of new gaskets or a couple of hundred, our Melbourne team is here to help work out what material and size you need, and get you your new ones as soon as possible.

Site Call-Outs

For some jobs, bringing in a sample isn’t really practical. We understand. When you need someone to come out and help measure a flange or identify a material that’s still in service, our team can help with that as well.

For years, Associated Gaskets Melbourne has been conducting regular visits to all of our customers in the surrounding region. These can often be arranged urgently to help with breakdowns or other time-sensitive needs.

We’re more than happy to get our hands dirty and really enjoy having the opportunity to see first-hand some of the amazing uses people have come up with for our products. To arrange a visit from one of our experienced team, please do get in contact with our Melbourne branch today.