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An Update on the Covid-19 Situation at AG


We would just like to let all our customers know that during these difficult times, AG remains committed to providing the same high level of service and quick delivery of product that our customers have come to expect. At this time, all our branches remain open and you can be assured that we are still fabricating and dispatching goods as per usual.

During this time, AG has stepped up its hygiene and social distancing practices which includes the use of hand sanitizer stations, regularly sanitizing touch points and training our cleaning staff in Covid-19 specific cleaning requirements. We are also increasing the use of video conferencing and telephone conversations in place of traditional face to face meetings and making sure that all our staff maintain a physical separation of at least 1.5 metres where possible.

We would also like to stress to the outside community and external sales people that visitation to our premise is only possible at this time for pre-arranged meetings.

We are committed to playing our continual part in the fight to end this disease and return to normal, but in the meantime we can assure you that we will be monitoring the situation and taking any steps necessary to prevent the spread. Unfortunately it looks like many of these measures may need to be in place for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time, if you have any specific questions regarding this matter, feel free to give any of our locations a call.

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AG Christmas Holiday Trading Hours

Yes, we're open this Holiday Season!

Firstly, we would like to wish all our valued customers a Merry Christmas and Festive Holiday Season from all at AG. We hope everybody has had an exiting and prosperous year as we look forward to what the next may bring!

We know that not all of our customers shut down over the Christmas period and still require goods to be delivered in a timely manner. Which is why we remain open all throughout the Christmas Holiday Season! We are only shut down on the public holidays. Full opening times are available below.

Opening Times for All Locations:

Wednesday 19 December
8am – 5pm

Thursday 20 December
8am – 5pm

Friday 21 December
8am – 5pm

Saturday 22 December

Sunday 23 December

Christmas Eve
8am – 5pm

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

Thursday 27 December
8am – 5pm

Friday 28 December
8am – 5pm

Saturday 29 December

Sunday 30 December

Monday 31 December
8am – 5pm

New Years Day

Branch Contact Details:

To get in contact with your nearest Associated Gaskets location, all branch contact details including emails and phone numbers can be found on our Contact page. To go there, click here.

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Inside AG’s Brand New Product Overview Brochure

New and Expanded Product Overview

AG is excited to announce the release of our new and improved Product Overview Brochure and we couldn’t be more excited for you to see it.

Now available in hard copy or for download as a PDF, this new brochure takes our now redundant 22-page overview to a whole new level. With over 140 pages of information on our company, product range and the services that we provide, it’s a valuable reference for any business that has a requirement for industrial supplies.

Each product page contains a plethora of information about products as well as pictures, tips for use, some technical information and more. Read on to learn more about exactly what’s covered inside.

Product Overview Category Banner

Adhesives & Sealants

Divided into 13 product categories, the Adhesives and Sealants section of our product overview brochure contains information on the hundreds of contact adhesives, superglues, epoxies, liquid gaskets and many more products that make up our complete offering.

Browse through product photos, application photos and handy tips to help you select the best adhesive or sealant for your application.

With a range as large as this, you can be sure that we will have the bonding solution you require.

Here is the full list of Adhesives and Sealants featured in our new 
Product Overview Brochure:

Adhesives & Sealants

• Contact Adhesives  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesives/Superglues  • Epoxy Adhesives
• Structural Adhesives  • MS Polymer Elastic Adhesives  • Silicone Adhesives & Sealants
• Polyurethane Elastic Adhesives  • Epoxy Repair Sticks  • Urethane Compounds & Coatings  • Plastic Metal Epoxy Adhesives and Coatings  • Liquid Gasket Adhesives
• Weiconlock Threadlocking & Retaining Adhesives

Electrical Insulation & Conductors

Electrical Insulation & Conductors

Over the years, our range of electrical insulation and conductors has grown rapidly, as we listened and responded to the demands of the market. Today, we are pleased to include over 30 categories of insulation laminates, tapes, tubes, rods along with an enormous number of other complementary products that make up the range. AG has become the supplier of choice for many companies in the electric motor rewinding and electronics industries who require the right goods, fast.

Browse through the brochure to find out more about the custom fabricated and off-the shelf items that we are currently supplying to this industry.

Here is the full list of Electrical Insulation & Conductors featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

• Cable  • Conductive & Semi-Conductive Laminates  • Epoxy Glass Laminates
• Mica Based Materials  • Polyester Glass Materials  • Synthetic Resin Bonded Materials
• Specialised Rigid Insulation Materials  • Electrical Rods, Tubes & Pultrusions
• Rubberised & Plasticized Electrical Tapes  • Cloth & Woven Electrical Tapes
• Film Electrical Tapes  • Paper Electrical Tapes  • Mica Electrical Tapes
• EMI Electrical Tapes  • Specialised Electrical Tapes  • Insulating Mastics
• Electrical Varnished & Coatings  • Dry, Single Layer Flexible Insulation Materials
• Film & Glass Flexible Insulation Materials • Motor Winding Accessories
• Stand-off Insulators  •  Multi-Layered Composite Flexible Insulation Materials
• Electrical Epoxies & Resins  • Porous Flexible Insulation Materials  • Resin-impregnated Insulation Materials  • Electrical Putties & Compounds  • Electrical Insulation Kits
• Terminal Blocks  • Electrical Ropes & Cords  • Electrical Sleevings
• Preformed Flexible Wedges / Top-Sticks  • Cable & Wire Stripping & Dismantling Tools

Gaskets & Sealing

As you may know, AG begun as a gasket company which is why you will find the Gasket & Sealing section of the brochure jam packed with over 25 categories of gasket materials, gasket tapes, finished gaskets and a range or complementary products including gasket tools and punches.To remain at the forefront of an industry that is always changing it is important that we continually update our range to ensure it includes the best solution for your application.

From simple Automotive Jointings to specialised materials designed to seal the most aggressive of chemicals, browse through a pictures and information in a simple, easy-to-read format.
Here is the full list of Gaskets & Sealing Products featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

Gaskets & Sealing

• Economical Gasket Materials  • General-purpose Gasket Materials  • Plastic Shim
• Premium Gasket Materials  • Graphite & Mica Based Gasket Materials  • RTJ’s
• PTFE Based Gasket Materials  • Industrial Rubber Materials  • Premium Rubber Materials
• Specialized Rubber Materials  • Sponge and Foam Gasket Materials  • Felt  • Cork
• Spiral wound Gaskets  •Kammprofile Gaskets  • Corrugated & Metal Jacketed Gaskets
• Flange Isolation Kits  • Boiler Gaskets  • O-Rings & Quad Rings  • Gland Packing
• Rubber & Sponge Extrusions  • Moulded Components  • Sealing Tapes  • PTFE Tapes and Threadseal Cord  • Packing Tools  • Gasket Cutting & Hole Punching Tools

Specialised & Safety Products

Electrical Insulation & Conductors

AG no longer considers itself just a gasket company, our enormous range or product instead makes us more of an industrial supplier. Our huge offering of specialised and safety products make up a big part of our large range.

Featured in the brochure are pictures and information on all of our specialised products like lubricating and separating sprays, cleaning sprays, dispensing tools, industrial tapes and more as well as safety products like reflective tapes, anti-slip tapes, Fingersavers and flange spray shields. If you already buy from AG, it is certainly worth browsing this section to discover some of the many more products that we can supply to you.

Here is the full list of Specialised & Safety Products featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

• Acoustic Insulation  • Anti-slip Materials  • Fingersavers  • Flange Spray Shields
• Reflective Tape & Components  • Welding Blankets  • All-round Lubricants
• Anti-seize Lubricating & Separating Compounds  • Adhesive Lubricant & Grease Sprays
• Care & Protection Sprays & Liquids  • Cleaning & Degreasing Sprays & Liquids
• Solvents & Separating Sprays & Liquids  • Lubricating & Multi-functional Sprays & Liquids
• Specialty Sprays  • Spray Adhesives  • Surface & Corrosion Protection Sprays & Paints
• Dispensing Tools & Aids  • Pipe Repair & Protection Tapes  • Double Sided Tapes
• Masking Tapes  • Other Specialized Industrial Tapes  • Skeg Marine Bearings
• Other Specialized Industrial Products

Thermal Insulation

Do you need a product to help with heat containment or thermal insulation? Our massive range covers everything from high temperature cloths and tapes, thermal batts, blankets, felts, and much more.

Made from a huge range of materials including aramid, fibreglass, ceramic, silica and more we offer a range of off-the-shelf products and also custom fabricated items made to your exact specifications.

Take a look through the brochure at some of the insulation products that we sell and also some of the amazing solutions that we have manufactured for customers in the past.

Here is the full list of Thermal Insulation Products featured in our new Product Overview Brochure:

Gaskets & Sealing

• Ceramic Fibre Boards  • Millboard  • Silicone Bonded Mica  •  Sindanyo  • Thermiculite
• Aramid Cloths  • Ceramic Cloths  • Fibreglass Cloths  • Refrasil Cloths
• Lytherm High Temperature Insulation Papers  • Aramid Tapes  • Ceramic Tapes
• Fibreglass Tapes  • Refrasil Tapes  • Tadpole Tape  • Thermal Batts  
• Bulk Thermal Fibre  • Thermal Insulation Felts  • Aramid Insulation Ropes & Cord
• Fibreglass Insulation Ropes, Cords & Sleeving  • Refrasil Insulation Ropes & Sleeving  
• Thermal Adhesives & Compounds • Custom Thermal Covers & Insulation Solutions
• Ceramic Insulation Ropes, Cords & Sleeving  

Check out some of the great features in the E-version of the brochure…

Did you know that the electronic version of our Product Overview Brochure contains handy bookmarks and hyperlinks? Thats right, click on any item in the table of contents to navigate streight to the corresponding page. Also, click on any product heading to visit that items product page on our official website! There you will be able to access even more information, photos and technical data.

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Seal Pitting, Pipe Joins, Gutters, Windows with our new All-Round Sealing Spray

Associated Gaskets is very pleased to introduce our new, All-Round Sealing Spray from Weicon. Launched just a few months ago in Europe, this spray has already developed quite the following in numerous industries over there because of its flexibility, ease of use and speed.

This spray-on sealant can be used to seal small holes, joins and cracks. It bonds to most surface types and creates a rubberised, flexible sealing layer that lasts. The layer can be painted over or left as is.

In this post, we’ll provide a little more detail on what this spray can do and where it’s most commonly used. This information is included beneath our demo & explainer video.

All-Round Sealing Spray Range

All-Round Sealing Spray Demonstration Video.

To show just how simple it is to create an effective, lasting seal with this spray Weicon have put together a video of it being used to seal gutters, pipe elbows, joins and seams. 

You can see it for yourself below…

What is Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray.

All-Round Sealing Spray is a spray on rubberised sealant used to cover small holes, cracks and joins. This spray is based on Styrene Butadiene Rubber and, once cured, forms a solid, rubberised mass that maintains good flexibility.

It also bonds well to most surfaces. Known compatible materials include stone, metal, wood, enamel and many plastics.

All-Round Sealing Spray is fast acting and simple to use. As you can see in the above video, you can expect a seal to be formed after just 2 minutes. After 20 minutes it can be painted over if needed.

This quality sealing spray will be fully cured around 2-4 Hours after being applied. After this has been achieved, the cured sealing layer will withstand temperature between -50°C and +100°C. Seals made with All-Round Sealing Spray are waterproof and highly weather resistant (good for indoor or outdoor use). They also protect surfaces against corrosion.

All-Round Sealing Spray contains no bitumen or silicone.

Where is All-Round Sealing Spray Used?

Weicon introduced All-Round Sealing Spray a little earlier this year. Despite the fact it’s only been available for a few months, this spray has already been eagerly adopted for use in several different sectors around the world.

Some of the more popular uses found so far include…

Sealing a pipe join with All-Round Sealing Spray

Sealing Pipe Joins

Sealing holes in a gutter with All-Round Sealing Spray

Lining Gutters.

All-Round Sealing spray sealing up bolt heads on a channel

Sealing Bolt and Screw Holes

Floor Connections Sealing with All-Round Sealing Spray

Sealing of Mounts and Joins.

Sealing entryways and entrances with All-Round Sealing Spray

Entryways and Containers.

Patching a hole in a gutter with Weicon All-Round Sealing Spray

Covering Pitted Corrosion

Sealing around a window frame with All-Round Sealing Spray

Around Windows and Seals.

All-Round Sealing Spray used for a variety of Other Things

Many Other Things.

Want to Learn More?

This versatile sealing spray is in stock now at Associated Gaskets in White, Black or Grey. To learn more, or to enquire, please contact your local AG Branch.

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Discover Vertex Cloth and why it’s superior to standard Fibreglass Cloth

Blue Vertex Cloth - Roll End Shot (Thumb)

Fibreglass-based cloth’s are by far the most popular choice when it comes to high temperature woven insulation fabrics. They offer good insulation performance for an economic price when compared to many of the other materials on the market. They also have good mechanical strength and chemical resistance and are often offered in a range of different grades. If however, you are after a fiberglass-based insulation material that will outperform these standard grades of fibreglass, then you should be using Blue Vertex Treated Fibreglass Cloth. Read on to find out why.

What is Vertex High Temperature Insulation Cloth?

In short, Vertex is a variant of fiberglass cloth that gets its name from the Vertex treatment. ‘Vertex’ is the suppliers trade name for the high temperature Vermiculite coating which is applied in a special proprietary process. The effect of the coating is to act like armor and disperse any heat evenly across the surface of the fabric, not through it. This results in a drastic improvement to the flame resistance, temperature resistance and strength of the material, as shown in the comparison table below. Because the base fabric is an e-grade fiberglass material, Vertex cloth also retains the good electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance that fiberglass cloth is known for.

Technical Properties of Fibreglass vs. Blue Vertex Treated Cloth
Property Standard
Blue Vertex Treated Cloth
Temperature Resistance 540ºC 870ºC
Colour Tan Blue
Warp Strength 35.8 kg/cm 53.7 kg/cm
Fill Strength 17.9 kg/cm 44.7 kg/cm
Treatment None Vermiculite


In what applications is Vertex Cloth most suitable?

Vertex will perform very well in any application that currently uses fiberglass cloth for insulation however it excels in applications where the cloth is likely to come into direct contact with flame, molten metal, welding spatter or slag. Examples of these include welding blankets, drop cloths, heat and flame resistant curtains, heat shields, thermal jackets and high temperature lagging. Below you can see a Thermal Insulation Sleeve manufactured using Vertex Cloth.

Vertex cloth is also used for creating heat and flame-resistant expansion joints in many foundry and furnace applications and marine applications. It can also be used for gasketing and filtration purposes.

Vertex Cloth Sleeve

A Fibreglass Cloth with Superior Abrasion Resistance

Not only does the Vertex coating improve the thermal properties of the cloth, it also improves the mechanical strength, meaning Vertex is a great option for applications in which abrasion is a concern. The vermiculite coating also helps to prevent fraying on the edges of the material.

If Vertex sounds like it might be right for you application and you want to find out more, you can head over to the product page or contact us today and one of our helpful sales assistants will be more than happy to assist.

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High Visibility Reflective Tape with 75mm Chevron

2803 Grade Striped Reflective Tape with 75mm Chevron (Thumb)

This month, we have expanded our range of Class 2 High Visibility Reflective Tape and now carry Grade 2803 Polyester Tape with a 75mm diagonal chevron. Also known as Tiger Tape or Candy Stripe Tape, it is suitable for use on vehicles, marker plates, signs and route markers to aid with clear visual identification and marking of hazards. class 2 reflective tape, 2803 is manufactured from a colored polyester material with a strong adhesive backing. It utilizes glass bead technology to provide outstanding visibility and reflection designed to last a minimum of 7 years. It is also waterproof and UV stable, meaning it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Class 2 Reflective Tape has a large range of applications, it’s used on:

• Cars, Trucks, Van’s, Ute’s, Tractors, Trailers and Delivery Vehicles.
• Parking Signs, Road Signs, Safety Signs and Guide Signs.
• Machinery including mining equipment and earth-moving equipment.
• Traffic Cones, Poles and Bollards.
• Many more applications.

Left and Right Hand Striped Reflective Tape for Vehicles

Our new 2803 Grade reflective tape has been designed to meet Australian Design Rule 45/01, the standard which covers light and light signaling devices on vehicles and also conforms to AS/NSZ 1906.1:2007. It is available with either a left-hand or right-hand diagonal chevron, so it can be applied to both sides of a vehicle such as in the picture below.

Reflective Tape in Application

Tips for Applying Reflective Tape

It is important to note that the most important part of applying an adhesive tape is surface preparation. For a stronger bond, it is generally a requirement that a surface be clean and free from any dirt, dust, oil or grime. Our range of aerosol cleaners such as will be able to help with this. You will then need to consider the what the surface material (what it’s made of). This is very important as some low surface energy surfaces may need to be primed with Weicon Contact Primer to enable adhesion.

Reflective Tape being Applied

Once the surface is ready for application, simply peel off the liner and apply the tape to the surface, the aggressive adhesive should work on both bare or painted surfaces as long as they are clean and dry.

Custom Widths Available

Thats right, AG operates full service tape conversion facilities which means you can order your reflective tape in whatever width you require up to the log roll width of 1220mm! Standard roll length is 45.7m per roll.

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See us test a Structural Acrylic Adhesive – Weicon RK-1300

Weicon RK-1300 Construction Adhesive

If you are looking for an adhesive that you can rely on for high strength bonding then you should give Weicon RK-1300 Structural Adhesive a try. It’s a two part acrylic glue that can be used for creating ultra-high strength bonds between a range of different materials including metal, wood, ceramic, glass, stone and most plastics.

RK-1300 has excellent impact, sheer and peel resistance  and is quick and easy to use (watch the video to find out how). Once applied, RK-1300 reaches handling strength in just 6 minutes so if you need to form high strength bonds quickly, this is your solution.

But what good is simply telling you that it creates strong bonds, we’d rather show you. Which is why we put together this short video. We don’t want to tell you exactly how much he weighs, but those of you who know our Sydney Sales Manager Tim know that he’s a big man. Will a bond made with RK-1300 hold his weight? Watch the video to find out.

RK-1300 is just one adhesive from our huge range of adhesives and sealants. For other types, you can check out the range here. For more information, including technical and safety data, head over to the product page or contact us direct.

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Epoxy Resin Putty for Balancing Electric Motors

Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty Balancing Electric Motor

When we found out one of the highest-selling products from our Weicon line was none other than Epoxy Resin Putty, we became curious to know what our customers were using it for. After all, there are so many uses for this universal repair epoxy. It can be used to repair, fix, seal, patch, anchor, mould and balance. However it was the last one, ‘balancing’ that kept popping up when we spoke with many of our customers and we must say the feedback we have received about the product for this application has been overwhelmingly positive.

Weicon Epoxy Resin PuttyWeicon Epoxy Resin Putty

So what is balancing? It has to do with electric motors.

Inside all electric motors is what’s known as a rotor. This is the part that rotates due to the interaction between the windings and the magnetic fields. A rotor can become unbalanced from either fixed (non-symmetrical design or manufacture) or variable sources (shifting or distortion during use). Unbalance in an electric motors is a problem as it generally causes vibration, wear and tear on the bearings and inefficient operation, which means it needs to be fixed, fast! The process undertaken to rectify the problem is known as dynamic balancing.

Balancing Electric Motors with a Hard-Setting, Kneadable Repair Compound

To balance a rotor, Electric Motor Rewinders require a hard-setting epoxy that will bond well to whichever part of the rotor needs to be balanced. This is why they use Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty. It’s a kneadable repair compound that bonds well to most materials including metal, glass, wood, rubber, ceramics, concrete and most plastics and sets very hard (87 Shore D).

To perform the operation, the motor is placed on a balancing machine and rotated with a belt or end drive. The balancing machine is then able to generate a report, telling you how much weight to add and where. To apply the correct amount of weight to the right place, rewinders apply an epoxy compound.

Epoxy Resin Putty used as a balancing compound for an electric motor rewind

There are several reasons Motor Repairers choose to use Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty over other products. First of all, it’s simple to use. All you need to do is prepare it for use is measure and cut off equal amounts of the two parts (A & B), then thoroughly knead them together. You don’t need to use the whole kit either and can add or subtract while it’s still curing.

Our customers have also made mention of the fact that they really appreciate part’s A & B being coloured differently (blue and yellow) so they don’t get confused which one to use. This is also beneficial as they can tell when the compound is properly mixed because it turns a uniform green colour when ready for use.

They also love the cure time. Epoxy resin putty reaches mechanical strength in just two hours and full cure in 3 hours, which is quicker than many epoxy compounds on the market. It also bonds well to most materials and does this before achieving a fully cured state to make the whole process faster.

Once cured, it is able to be milled, drilled, filed or machined and resists attack from fuels, oils, sale water, most acids and lye.

What else can Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty be used for?

Besides balancing electric motors, this universal repair compound can be used for a whole range of other applications. Some of these include:

♦  Repair and Sealing of Pipes and Tanks.
♦  Sealing off lockout tagout locks permanently.
♦  Repairing of shafts, bearings, pumps and casings.
♦  Making patterns, moulds and samples.

Epoxy Resin Putty used to recondition a labrynth seal

Epoxy Resin Putty has a minimum shelf life of 18 months, meaning it is perfect to keep on hand in case of an unexpected or emergency situation. It is available in 100gm, 400gm and 800gm Kits. For further inquiries, pricing, or to place and order, contact us now!

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Silica Insulation Cloth for High Heat Applications

Refrasil Insulation Cloth

Refrasil Silica Insulation Cloth Range

Refrasil High Temperature Silica Insulation Cloths are thin, woven textiles manufactured from high quality silica fibres (>96% silica content). This gives them the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, making them perfect for use as use for a range of insulation applications.

All Refrasil Cloths have good resistance to oxidization, corrosive chemicals and present no known health hazards (unlike other forms of fibre insulation) which means you don’t need to wear protective clothing when using them.

Why would you need a heat resistant cloth?

Refrasil Cloths are used heavily throughout a range of different industries including shipbuilding and repair, power plants and utilities, metal fabrication workshops and foundry’s as well as for glass-making, heat treating and in almost any application that requires thermal insulation or heat containment.

Some of the main applications include: 

♦  Welding blankets 
♦  Heat-proof Curtains
♦  Pump Covers
♦  Expansion Joints
♦  Other Custom Insulation Components

Refrasil Silica Insulation Blanket

Although all the cloths in the Refrasil range are manufactured from Silica Fibre, each grade is manufactured differently, giving them unique characteristics which help them to perform better in certain applications. This also slightly alters their technical properties which is why below, we have explained each grade in more detail to help you decide which one is right for your application.

UC Series Refrasil Cloth – For Cost-effective Insulating Performance

Standard Grade Silica Insulation Cloth

UC series cloth is the standard grade of Refrasil in it’s most basic form. This grade of cloth has not been subject to any additional processes or treatments and therefore offers cost-effective insulation perfromance in environments up to 982ºC. UC Series cloth is manufactured in an off-white/tan colour however it can also be supplied with a range of coatings applied.

Available Coatings Include:

♦  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing
♦  Silicone Rubber Coated
♦  Aluminium Foil Coated
♦  Vermiculite Coated
♦  Black Oxide Treated

AR Series Refrasil Cloth – For Superior Abrasion Resistance


AR Series Refrasil Cloth has been manufactured to resist mechanical damage from abrasion, hence this is the grade to use if you believe the cloth will be subject to some level of dragging, scraping, snagging or general wear and tear. A special coating is applied to this grade during manufacture which strengthens and protects the fibers meaning it is our grade of choice when fabricating custom insulation components due to the sewing and stitching involved.

Like the UC Series, AR Series Refrasil will perform in applications ranging up to 982ºC and maintains the same compatibility with most chemicals, high dielectric strength and low thermal conductivity that is synonymous with the range.

Abrasion Resistant Silica Insulation Cloth

Irish Refrasil – For Extreme High Temperature Environments

Heat Treated Silica Insulation Cloth


Irish Refrasil takes it’s name from it’s trademark green appearance. This is actually the result of a special high-temperature treatment that extends the continuous operating temperature of this grade to 1260ºC. If you require a flexible insulation that will perform in extreme high-temperature environments then this is the cloth you are after.

Irish Refrasil is pre-shrunk during manufacture, meaning exposure to high temperatures will not cause the cloth to warp or shrink making it ideal for use in applications that require a dimensionaly stable, flexible insulation.

The versatility and performance of this grade has seen it utilized heavily in critical performance applications including aerospace and defence, automotive, power generation and mining.

Quickly Compare the Refrasil Grades of Silica Cloth

Refrasil High Temperature Silica Insulation Materials

Witness the Superior Insulating Performance of Silica

If you are still not convinced about the power of Refrasil Cloth’s insulating performance, we invite you to watch this video whereby we take an LPG blow-torch to a chocolate frog whose only protection is a heat pad manufactured from Irish Series Refrasil Cloth and 25mm thick Refrasil Insulation Batt. Check out the amazing results for yourself.

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Christmas Holiday Trading Hours

Christmas Trading Hours Thumb

AG understands that not all of our customers are able to shut down over the Christmas period. Which is why apart from the weekends and public holidays, we also choose to remain open during this time. That means we are able to assist with any of our customers urgent requirements no differently to any other time of the year, so if you need us, give us a call!


Monday 25th December (Chrismas Day) – Closed
Tuesday 26th December (Boxing Day) – Closed
Wednesday 27th December – Open
Thursday 28th December – Open
Friday 29th December – Open
Monday 1st January (New Years Day) – Closed

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