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SM4 Rotary Style Gasket Cutter

Material AG000202-7913 Category

SM4 Rotary Style Gasket Cutter

A premium-quality ring gasket cutter made in the USA by Allpax. Our M3 Rotary Style Gasket Cutter is clamped in place and is designed for repeated use.

It is with a heavy-duty, cast iron frame and precision steel components. The rotary cutting discs are manufactured from heat-treated tool steel and are highly durable and able to cut through a wide range of gasket material types.

Allpax Model Number: AX7001

Cut accurate flange, ring, and irregular shaped gaskets with the heavy-duty SM4 Rotary-Style Gasket Cutter. Primarily designed for metallic gasket materials such as soft steel, copper, zinc, and brass this tool is also a great solution for cutting hard fibre sheets, rubber and many plastics (e.g. PTFE).

The SM4 Cutter is used to produce gaskets from 75mm OD up to 700mm OD. This can be extended with optional scale bars (not included) if required.

The SM4 Rotary Cutter mounts to any workbench with 3/8″ bolts (not included) and is designed for permanent installation.