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Associated Gaskets is pleased to offer a large and comprehensive range of putties and compounds for electrical applications. These include  Permafil IMI 3285, the non-hardening R391 Electrical Weatherproof Compound and our Epoxy Resin Putty which is widely used for balancing motors as well as rebuilding work.

In addition to these three popular styles, many more are available. Our  entire range of Weicon Repair Sticks have good dielectric properties and are often ideal for small, patch jobs.

For larger jobs, we can also offer our Plastic Metal range of which again, all have very good electrical properties and can withstand extreme amounts of abrasion, wear and (for some grades) temperature.

No matter if you are looking for a dielectric putty for sealing around a  cable junction, filling gaps, rebuilding a shaft or repairing a casing, our range includes s a number of potential solutions. The majority are available in stock with many offered in a selection of pack sizes to suit your requirements.