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IMI 3285 Permafil Putty

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IMI 3285 Permafil Putty

A high strength filling putty with excellent dielectric strength, IMI 3285 Permafil Putty has very low shrinkage and is used for a variety of different types of electrical repair work.

Available in 1 Quart Kits.

IMI 3285 Permafil Putty is a two-part putty with excellent electrical insulation properties. This easy to use product has a high mechanical strength and the ability to withstand attack from a wide range of chemicals, oils and solvents.

Widely employed throughout the electric motor rewind industry, IMI 3285 Permafil Putty is often used for filling openings, voids and spaces on electric motors, generators or coils where its high conformability and ability to bond to most surfaces are of benefit. IMI 3285 Permafil Putty is also an excellent option for sealing the ends or open margins of magnet and transformer coils.

Once mixed this high quality insulating putty has a fast cure time of 1 hour (max.) at 125ºC combined with very low shrinkage during (and after) cure and high resistance to cracking. IMI 3285 Permafil Putty does not emit volatile solvents during the curing process and cures into a solid product with excellent mechanical strength and heat endurance characteristics.

Available Sizes

AG offers IMI 3285 Permafil Putty in 1 (US) Quart tins that contain both parts A & B. When not being used, any stock of IMI 3285 Permafil Putty should be refrigerated (at around 5ºC) as this significantly increases the useful life of the product.

Since the whole contents of the two part kit is mixed, it is important to note that any unused portions will have a storage life of around 3-4 days if stored at room temperature. This is extended to several weeks if these portions are refrigerated as described above.

Additional Information and Resources

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IMI 3285 Permafil Putty Info Sheet
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Permafil Putty IMI 3285 TDS

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