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Silicone Bonded Mica

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An extremely tough, hard wearing insulation material; Silicone Bonded  Mica is able to withstand ongoing exposure to 500°C and short-term  spikes to 600°C as standard.

This popular material is made from layer upon layer of muscovite which  are bonded with a specialised, high temperature silicone resin.

Because of its combination of electrical and mechanical strength,  silicone bonded mica (or SBM) is often used for making high temperature resistant mechanical components and insulators. These  include heat shields, brake resistors, arc shields, stand-off insulators and corona protection barriers.

Our standard grade of SBM is available in sheets starting at 0.2mm  thick and ranging up to 25mm thick. Cut or machined parts, made to  our exact requirements, can usually be turned around quickly.

Specialised grades for even higher temperatures are also available upon request.