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Ceramic Cloths

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Designed for insulating in extreme temperatures, our ceramic cloth  range is comprised of two distinct styles. The first is our fibreglass  reinforced cloth. This type withstands up to 800°C before losing some physical properties and is made from a precise blend of alumina and  silica fibres with an organic binder.

The second type is our nickel-chrome reinforced cloth. This cloth can  handle temperatures up to 1200°C whilst maintaining excellent tensile  and mechanical strength. The trade-off is the reinforcement is  electrically conductive meaning it cannot be used in applications where a non-conductive insulation material is required.

These excellent high temperature insulation materials are both available in a selection of sizes and can be provided in rolls, cut lengths or custom  fabricated parts.

Our experienced sewing and fabrication teams stand ready to help with  our individual needs.