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Ceramic Fibre Cloth with Nickel-Chrome Wire Reinforcement

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Ceramic Fibre Cloth with Nickel-Chrome Wire Reinforcement

This grade of high temperature material combines excellent heat resistance with superior mechanical strength thanks to the wire insertion.

Due to its unique blend of properties, it is often used for gaskets, hose & pipe insulation and in the construction of thermal shields for extremely high temperature environments.

Our Ceramic Fibre Cloth with Nickel-Chrome Wire Reinforcement combines the outstanding insulating properties of ceramic fibre with the addition of a stainless steel wire insert to increase it’s mechanical strength beyond that of the other grades in our range. This refractory insulating material is manufactured from a special formulation of silica and alumina fibres with an organic binder. The addition of a thin Nickel-Chrome wire reinforcement increases the tensile strength

Ceramic Fibre Cloth with Nickel-Chrome Wire Reinforcement is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1260ºC whilst maintaining a good resistance to corrosive chemicals, commonly used acids and alkali’s.

As a high-temperature insulation textile, Ceramic Fibre Cloth with Nickel-Chrome Wire Insert is often used as a protective material in all kinds of thermal installations and heat-conducting systems. These include welding and foundry works, aluminium and steel mills, as boiler insulation and in shipyards, refineries, power plants and chemical plants.

Due to the Nickel-Chrome reinforcement, this grade is particularly strong and designed for use in tough environments. It can also be used as a good substitute for asbestos material in many applications. Be mindful however that Nickel Chrome Insert does conduct electricity, so the electrical insulation properties of the cloth are reduced when compared to other grades such as our Ceramic Fibre Cloth with Fibreglass Reinforcement.

Available Sizes

AG offers this high-quality insulation cloth by the metre, roll (45.7 metres long) or as custom fabricated components which can be precisely manufactured utilizing AG’s extensive sewing and fabrication facilities.

For more information, to place an order, or to discuss fabrication options, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.

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