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Preformed Flexible Slot Wedges (Top-Sticks)

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Welcome to our extensive collection of preformed slot wedges designed specifically for electric motors. These essential components are available in three high-quality materials: Nomex, DMD, and Wood.

Nomex slot wedges offer outstanding thermal resistance, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding operating conditions. DMD slot wedges provide excellent electrical insulation properties and mechanical strength, making them ideal for various motor applications. For those seeking a classic and reliable option, our Wood slot wedges offer exceptional durability and insulation properties.

Browse our diverse selection of electric motor preformed slot wedges, each crafted with precision to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need superior thermal resistance, excellent insulation, or a traditional solution, we have the perfect slot wedge to enhance the performance and longevity of your electric motors.

All are stocked in a wide range of sizes to suit the motor you are working on. Reach out to your local Associated Gaskets branch today for more information.