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Fibreglass Insulation Ropes, Packing, Sleeving

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Our enormous range of fibreglass textiles continues with our selection of  ropes, sleeving, packing, lagging and cord. These economical thermal  insulation materials are usually able to withstand up to 550°C  and come in a variety of different styles, grades and types.

Among these is our GFR1 Fibreglass Rope Lagging which is very soft,  flexible and long lasting. We also offer many different grades of twisted  and braided fibreglass ropes for thermal or electrical insulation  applications.

In addition to the ropes, we are pleased to offer a number of other  fibreglass solutions. Fibreglass square rope (braided packing) is also available while, for cable or small pipe protection, we offer our  fibreglass sleevings.

These are available as plain fibreglass fibre, or in a number of different  coatings. Among these is our popular silicone coated fibreglass sleeving  (FyreJacket) which offers excellent thermal performance and, thanks to the silicone outer layer, very good mechanical protection also.