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Our Marigold Packings include a wide variety of different grades of glang packing that are designed to seal in all applications.

This selection includes PTFE gland packing, Aramid Gland Packing, Graphite Gland Packing, Carbon Packing and many, many more grades. This wide range of options ensures you can select the very best pump packing for your applications regardless of pump or valve operating temperature, shaft speed, pump / valve pressure rating or the media being sealed.

All of the different grades of pump packing and valve packing covered in our range are high quality and available in a large range of sizes. Comprehensive technical information on each and every grade is also included to allow you to choose the best type for your specific sealing needs. Whether you’re sealing a high speed shaft or a high pressure valve, the range of Marigold Packings available at Associated Gaskets include something capable of long lasting performance.

Of course, we also understand that not everyone has time to read through our full Marigold Gland Packing brochure. Fair enough really. That’s why we have branches all over the country who each stand ready to help you choose the best gland packing for your application.