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Premium Gasket Materials

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For the most demanding sealing conditions, we offer our premium  gasket materials.

Together with our graphite, and PTFE based gasket sheets (featured on elsewhere), these high performance gasket materials are designed for extreme temperatures and pressures as well as highly aggressive media.

This range includes our C4500 gasket material which combines  outstanding pressure and chemical resistance with very good tolerance to high operating temperatures. It also includes our HTC-9800 from Garlock which is available in a number of different thicknesses and can handle intense heat, high pressure and many chemicals.

For the most aggressive chemicals, we have our Chem-Acid gasket  material. This compressed fibre sheet is an excellent option for aggressive media sealing where a PTFE based fibre is not ideal.

All of our performance grade gasket materials are stocked in a selection of thicknesses and can be provided in sheet or as cut gaskets. Our  fabrication team is always ready to help with urgent requirements and can turn-around custom or standard table gaskets fast to keep you up and running.