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Milam PSS Gasket Material

Milam PSS Gasket Material

A high quality mica sheet that is non-flammable, non-toxic, will not give off fumes and can be used in temperatures as high as 900ºC.

This premium gasket material offers good compressive strength and outstanding resistance to dry heat, aggressive acids, bases, solvents and mineral oils.

Milam PSS gasket material is a high temperature gasket sheet manufactured from mica which is reinforced with perforated 316 stainless steel. This high quality mica sheet is non-flammable, non-toxic and will not give off fumes.

Milam PSS gasket material offers outstanding resistance to dry heat, good compressive strength and resistance to aggressive acids, bases, solvents and mineral oils.

This versatile, high performance gasket sheet is commonly used for the manufacture of gaskets and seals that will be used in very high temperature applications. Specific examples include sealing in hot dry gas environments, gaskets for performance exhaust manifolds, turbochargers or turbines and seals around burner ducting.

Gaskets made from Milam PSS gasket material are utilised with temperatures as high as 900ºC (depending on exact service conditions such as pressure and medium, contact AG for more information).

Available Sizes

Milam PSS has a colour that varies between light golden brown to a shade of fawn green and is available in both 1.3mm (PSS 130) and 3mm (PSS 300) as standard. Standard sheet sizes are 1200mm / 1000mm. AG has the facilities and experience required to provide custom sized gaskets cut out of this high performance material.

For more information on available sizes and configurations, or for assistance with determining Milam’s suitability for your application, please contact your local AG branch.

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