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C4500 Gasket Material

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C4500 Gasket Material

A premium Carbon Fibre based  jointing designed for demanding, high pressure, high temperature applications.

This grade of compressed fibre sheet was is widely used by the chemical industry and is suitable for use with aggressive media.

C4500 Gasket Material is a premium grade of jointing designed for demanding, high pressure, high temperature applications. This grade of compressed fibre sheet was designed for use by the chemical industry and is used with aggressive media. C4500 features very high stress retention, excellent load bearing characteristics and a 3XA Anti-Stick surface coating.

Manufactured from carbon fibres combined with heat resistant additives that are bonded by a NBR binder, C4500 Gasket Material has good resistance to steam and alkalis at high temperatures, as well as excellent resistance to a variety of oils, gases, salts, fuels, alcohols, organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants and refrigerants. Among its many approvals C4500 boasts compliance with BAM approval in accordance with UW 28, oxygen , BS 7531 Grade X and TA Luft (Clear Air).

C4500 is offered by AG in standard sized sheets measuring 2000mm / 1500mm, though custom sized sheets can also be produced upon request. Standard thicknesses include 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm though custom thicknesses can also be provided when required.

AG can provide this high tech gasket material in sheet, strip or fabricated component form. We’re able to produce either standard table or custom sized gaskets to suit your specific application and can work from used samples, drawings, sketches or flange dimensions depending on the available information. Extra-large gaskets can be provided in segments if required.

To discuss the suitability of C4500 for your demanding gasket application please contact your local branch or AG representative.

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