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Matrix L110 PTFE Gasket Material

Matrix L110 PTFE Gasket Material

A premium bi-axially orientated PTFE based gasket material that displays excellent chemical resistance for use in critical piping systems.

This grade is used extensively in critical food, beverage, pharmaceutical applications where a high-performance jointing is required.

Matrix L110 is a pigment-free PTFE based gasket material designed for high-performance sealing in critical applications. One of three grades in the Matrix line, L110 offers the most superior performance of the range.

Unlike many other PTFE based gasket materials, the PTFE particles in the Matrix line of products are constructed into a specialized matrix orientation which, when combined with their premium quality fillers, allow them to resist creep and cold flow.

Matrix L110 PTFE Gasket Material is manufactured using DuPont’s HS10 method whereby the PTFE particles are orientated bi-axially making them equally strong in both directions. This, coupled with the addition of high-quality barium-sulphate fillers precisely distributed throughout the sheet, means the material displays excellent strength and stability whilst also resisting creep and cold-flow. As such this grade is used extensively in critical food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other chemical applications where a high-performance jointing is required.

Matrix L110 is off-white in colour and complies with the requirements of FDA regulations. With the exception of molten alkali metals or fluorine gas, L110 can be used for sealing most chemicals including aqueous hydrofluoric acid below 49% concentration.

Available Sizes

Matrix L110 PTFE Gasket Material is available from AG in 1.5mm and 3mm thick sheets as standard (other thicknesses can also be produced upon request). Standard sheet sizes are 1520mm².

In addition to the sheets, AG is able to quickly fabricate standard or custom gaskets from our Matrix L110 PTFE gasket material. Gaskets for standard size flanges (e.g. ANSI, BS, AS) can be produced using only the relevant flange dimension codes while custom gaskets can be supplied from drawings, sketches, used samples or dimension lists. If an extra-large gasket is required, segmented seals with dovetailed joints can also be arranged.

For more information on the full range of fabrication options available, or assistance in identifying the best gasket material for your sealing environments please do not hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.

Other Styles of Matrix PTFE Gasket Material

In addition to the Matrix L110 detailed on this page, AG is pleased to offer both L100L104 Matrix gasket materials. Matrix L104 PTFE Gasket Material is blue in colour, is filled with glass microspheres and exhibits excellent compression for sealing glass lined or other types of flanges when loading problems exist. Matrix L100 PTFE Gasket Material is a silica-filled variant that is approved for potable water service and complies with the requirements of the FDA.

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Matrix PTFE Gasket Materials Info Sheet
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Matrix L110 Gasket Material TDS

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