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Electrical Epoxies & Resins

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Whether you need an epoxy for void filling, casting or coating; our range of Electrical Epoxies and Resins includes several potential solutions.

This selection features our MS 1000 Casting Resin which is a high strength epoxy with good electrical characteristics and Trirez TSR-150  Wet Winding Epoxy which is often used for securing magnetic slot  wedges in stators.

We are also proud to offer Epirez epoxies, stocked in many different  grades. These quality, highly reliable epoxy compounds have been trusted for decades because of their combination of versatility and all-round performance.

At Associated Gaskets, we’ve been working with all kinds of epoxy resins  for years and have successfully solved all kinds of pour depth, dielectric, thermal and mechanical strength challenges. With our range of stocked products, and access to many more specialised solutions, we welcome the chance to assist with your requirements.