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Trirez TSR150 Wet Winding Epoxy

Material AG000116S01 Category

Trirez TSR150 Wet Winding Epoxy

A one part electrical insulation epoxy, that is used in high temperature (Class H) applications for coil insulation and numerous other motor and general insulation applications.

Trirez TSR150 Wet Winding Epoxy is a one component, solventless, heat curable, epoxy resin system. Offering high bonding and flow controlled characteristics; Trirez TSR-150 is designed for applications requiring thermal shock, chemical, and heat resistance. Natural in colour, Trirez TSR – 150 is rated for use in electrical applications with a maximum operating temperature of 180⁰C and offers exceptional heat transfer characteristics.

Trirez TSR-150 Wet Winding Epoxy is ideal for applications including wet winding, adhesive, patching and sealing usage; this product can be applied by brush, spatula or automatic wet winding equipment. This high quality epoxy boasts a range of features including; Non- hazardous, low odour, low weight loss, non-flowing during cure, with excellent electrical properties. AG stocks Trirez TSR-150 in 5KG tins.

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