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3M 50 Scotchrap Protection Tape

3M 50 Scotchrap Protection Tape

A tough, lasting tape used either to protect pipe work or seal and protect underlying insulating compounds (e.g. Scotchfil Putty).

3M 50 Scotchrap Protection Tape is made from PVC with a high tack adhesive on one side and exhibits excellent impact, abrasion, puncture and tear resistance and can be used indoors or outdoors in a range of environments.

Available in a selection of sizes.

3M 50 Scotchrap Protection Tape is a strong, tough and resilient tape used to either protect underlying insulating compounds or solo for the preservation of piping systems from the effects of weathering and corrosion.

This quality tape is manufactured by 3M and consists of a strong, robust black PVC backing that is coated on one side with a high tack adhesive. This adhesive exhibits excellent performance with a wide range of materials.

3M 50 Scotchrap Tape has very good impact, abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. It is also able to withstand attach from most media and environmental influences including salt water, soil acids and alkalis, as well as a range of other common chemicals and vapours. Though it is quite robust, the tape is still easy to apply and has good flexibility coupled with reasonable elongation (200% at 23°C).

This tape also has strong electrical insulation properties. Dielectric breakdown voltage is 12kV.

Available Sizes.

3M Scotchrap Protection Tape is available in 0.25mm (Style 50) thick and in widths of 25mm, 50mm, 101mm and 152mm.

Style 51 (0.5mm thick) may also be available upon request.

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