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Weicon Pipe Repair Kit

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Weicon Pipe Repair Kit

A versatile option for making permanent repairs to damaged or leaking pipes.

Our Weicon Pipe Repair Kits are ideal for emergency repairs. They are stocked in three different sizes, have NSF Approval and can be used with many types of pipes and fittings.

Our Weicon Pipe Repair Kits are versatile options for repairing various types of cracked, leaking or damaged pipes.

They are made in Germany and stocked in a range of sizes to suit different applications. Each kit contains a specialised, water-activated tape and a steel filled epoxy putty for plugging holes or filling cracks.

Together, the two parts can be used to fix almost all types of piping. They are especially useful for keeping on hand for emergency repairs and are widely used by some of our customers who maintain a large number of pipes.

The Pipe Repair Kit can be processed without additional tools and provides reliable long-term sealing of cracks and leaks. It is very easy and fast to apply and shows excellent adhesive properties, high resistance to pressure and chemicals as well as high temperature resistance up to 120°C (150°C Short Term).

Steel Epoxy Repair Stick

The 57gm Steel Repair Stick included with each kit is ideal for plugging holes or covering gaps.

This easy to use epoxy needs no special tools and has a thick, putty consistency. Simply mix by hand and apply.

This epoxy putty will achieve handling strength after just 10 minutes and set hard (75 Shore D). It also exhibits excellent chemical resistance, is dielectric, and is NSF approved for potable water applications.

Weicon Pipe Repair Tape

The repair tape is soaked with a special resin and is activated by contact with water. It is made from high tensile strength fibreglass that is impregnated with a water-activated resin.

It will stick to most surface types well and is quite flexible and easy to apply so it can be used on pipe bends, T-pieces, or areas difficult to reach.

The tape will set once in place and achieve handling strength after about 10 minutes. It too will set hard (70 Shore D). The Weicon Repair Tape can withstand continuous exposure to up to 150°C.

Neither the tape or putty in the Weicon Pipe Repair Kit require special tools.

Available Sizes

We stock Weicon Pipe Repair Kits in three different sizes. Each kit contains one 57 gram Steel Repair Stick.

50mm Wide x 1.5Mtrs Long Tape

50mm Wide x 3.5Mtrs Long Tape

100mm Wide x 3.5Mtrs Long Tape

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