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Lytherm Ceramic Fibre Paper

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Lytherm Ceramic Fibre Paper

Offers very high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and excellent compression recovery.

Often used for high temperature gaskets, furnace door seals, as well as thermal and electrical insulation.

Lytherm Ceramic Insulation Paper is able to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 1,260°C and is lightweight with strong chemical resistance.

For applications requiring a resilient, lightweight, highly flexible and dielectric high-temperature thermal insulator, AG offers Lytherm brand Ceramic Fibre Paper. Capable of performance in applications ranging up to 1,260ºC, Lytherm is resistant to most chemicals and offers low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and excellent compression recovery.

All of AG’s grades of Lytherm Ceramic Fibre Paper are manufactured from chemically pure fibres which enable our Lytherm to withstand both oxidation and reduction. Additionally, if the material is incidentally exposed to water, steam or oil, thermal and physical properties will be restored upon drying.

Typical applications for AG’s Lytherm Ceramic Fibre Paper include:

  • High temperature gaskets
  • High efficiency thermal barriers
  • Coke oven door shock absorption
  • Induction furnace coil separators
  • Hot top linings
  • Door and lid thermal seals
  • Thermal and Electrical insulation

Standard grades of Lytherm are manufactured from highly washed, spun, high purity alumina-silica fibres which are exposed to an organic binder resulting in increased handling strength at room temperature. More specialised grades are available that offer a binderless construction which enabling their use in applications where temperatures may range as high as 1650ºC, and prevention of carbon pick up or surface discoloration are of concern.

Standard grades of Lytherm are stocked by AG in thickness ranging from 1.6mm through to 6.4mm and are available in a number of widths. In addition to offering this outstanding insulator by the roll or metre. AG also has the facilities and experience to offer precise, cost effective custom fabrication of this material to suit your specific application.

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