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This economical, high strength material combines good mechanical properties with electrical insulation strength whilst remaining highly flexible.


Elepol is a flexible electrical insulation material manufactured from a combination of polyester film and Presspahn which are bonded together with a synthetic adhesive. Sometimes known as Hyply, this high strength material combines good mechanical properties with strong electrical insulation strength whilst remaining highly flexible and very economical. This insulation material is also highly crease resistant when compared to conventional kraft based presspapers allowing it to be applied quickly and easily.

Used in electrical applications with continuous temperatures of 120ºC (short-term of 150ºC), Elepol electrical insulation displays good resistance to hot or cold water and dilute acids. It also withstands long-term exposure to common varnishes and solvents utilised in electrical applications. It is employed as ground and interleaving insulation in electric motor applications and also due in part to its good resistance to transformer oil, in transformer insulation.

Available Sizes

AG offers Elepol in thicknesses ranging from 0.19mm through to 0.42mm. , this material is offered by the roll (1000mm wide x 50mtrs long), by the metre or in cut component form. For more information on the available sizes of Elepol, or to discuss suitability for your application, please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch or sales representative.


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