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Feinmicaglas 4216 Insulation Tape

Feinmicaglas 4216 Insulation Tape

Feinmicaglas 4216 is a multilayer insulating tape that consists of a glass cloth carrier and mica paper impregnated with epoxy glass resin then covered on both sides with a PET film.

It is rated to 155ºC and is typically used in Class F motors and generators. It is also used for the insulation of overhang parts of coils for low and high voltage machines as well as for insulating copper wire and connections.

A specialised electrical insulation product that provides high voltage dielectric performance. Feinmicaglas 4216 is manufactured in Austria by Isovolta from a combination of mica, epoxy resin, a glass cloth carrier and PET film.

The result is a high strength, highly flexible material that can be applied with ease.

Feinmicaglas 4216 is rated for use in electrical insulation applications up to 155°C (Class F).

This high voltage insulating material has a breakdown voltage of 4kV, is just 0.13mm thick and is typically used for the insulation of the overhang parts of coils on high and low voltage machines as well as the insulation of copper wires & connections.

Available Sizes

Feinmicaglas 4216 Tape is available from AG in either 0.1mm or 0.13mm thick varieties and both 20mm and 25mm as standard. Normal roll length is 50mtrs.

In addition to these standard sizes of Feinmicaglas Tape, AG can also provide Feinmicaglas 4216 in 1000mm wide log rolls or custom slit tapes designed to match the exact width requirements of your application.

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