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Flexible Packing Hook Extractors

Material AG000819S01 Category

Flexible Packing Hook Extractors

Quality tools used for removing old gland packing from stuffing boxes. These extractors are flexible enough to work around obstacles are are made from durable, quality materials for lasting performance.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Our range of flexible packing hooks are made to make the removal of compression packings from stuffing boxes easier.

These quality tools are flexible enough to work around obstructions and let you reach into hard to access areas.

Our flexible packing extractors are manufactured from the USA using quality materials and are very long lasting.

Available Sizes

AG is pleased to stock Flexible Packing Hooks in a range of sizes. Our standard range is listed below:


Description Overall Length Bit Diameter Used for Packing Sizes
No. 1 Flexible Packing Hook 190mm 5.5mm 6.4mm and Up
No. 2 Flexible Packing Hook 279mm 23.4mm 8.5mm and Up
No. 3 Flexible Packing Hook 381mm 9.5mm 11mm and Up
No. 4 Flexible Packing Hook 482mm 12.5mm 14mm and Up
No. 5 Flexible Packing Hook 558mm 15.8mm 17.5mm and Up
No. 6 Flexible Packing Hook 762mm 25.4mm 25mm and Up

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