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Weicon Plastic Metal B4LM

Material AG000992S01 Category

Weicon Plastic Metal B4LM

A high performance epoxy system made for wear and abrasion protection in the food and beverage sectors.

Weicon Plastic Metal B4LM is a two-part epoxy with mineral fillers. White in colour, it exhibits outstanding abrasion resistance, high adhesive strength and solid chemical compatibility.

Certified for food and drinking water applications.

Our Weicon B4LM Plastic Metal is a industrial grade wear and corrosion protection epoxy designed for critical applications. This German-Made product carries food safety and drinking water certification making it a strong candidate for repairs and maintenance in the food and beverage sectors.

Plastic Metal B4LM is a 2-part epoxy resin system with a high proportion of mineral fillers. It provides outstanding wear and abrasion resistance and is typically used as a coating to protect highly stressed parts and surfaces. It can also be used as an adhesive.

The coating is easy to apply and adheres to a wide variety of surfaces even under mechanical stress. The wear protection has very good chemical resistance and is suitable for coating a wide variety of parts, such as pumps, conveyors, lifting screws, hoppers, tanks and pipes.

Weicon B4LM is white in colour and quite liquid in consistency.

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Any Approvals for Water / Food

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100% Cure

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