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Die Cutting

AG continues to utilise Die Cutting as an effective, efficient and highly reliable method for cutting almost any material. The relatively quick set up associated with this process allows for the rapid production of components whilst AG’s enormous library of dies means that we have most standard (and a fair few non-standard) sizes covered. This all results in our Die Cutting service being a very economical option for product small or large batch quantities.

AG’s Die Cutting Facilities include a number of different presses capable of handling materials that range from soft rubbers, fibres and felts through to reinforced gasket sheet and even thin metal shims. An additional benefit of die cutting is that internal cut-outs can true have 90ºC angles, something that items cut on our water, laser or knife cutters require post-processing to achieve.

For more information on AG’s Die Cutting service please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.