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Knife Cutting

AG’s knife cutting department has the ability to offer a diverse range of capabilities through its use of a variety of tools, including an oscillating knife, electrical oscillating knife, punch’s, creasing tools, rotary cutters and pen’s. This wide range of capabilities allows AG to cut materials from our own extensive range or our customer’s own product. With the use of the pen feature we are able to write in permanent ink onto the finished goods, text or part/component numbers to assist in identification, resell or installation.

The knife cutters also utilize a vacuum bed in the cutting process. This assists AG in ensuring that materials are held firmly in place and subsequently tighter tolerances can be achieved in some instances. Materials such as compressed non-asbestos jointing’s, virgin and filled PTFE’s, sponges, foam, rubbers, treated fabrics, cloths and filter materials, vinyls, cork, felts and a long list of other materials are cut dry and this minimizes any chance of shrinkage or material wastage due to movement.

AG’s knife cutters also utilize overhead projectors ensuring that a super imposed image of the final component is placed onto the cutting bed prior to commencement. This is of great assistance when cutting from off-cuts or products such as leather that do not come in standard sheet sizes. For further information or pricing on our knife cutting service please do not hesitate to contact your local AG branch.