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Weicon Solar-Flex

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Weicon Solar-Flex

A specially engineered adhesive designed for the installation of solar panels.

Exhibits good elasticity for strong, long lasting bonds that are maintained through expansion and contraction.

Weicon Solar-Flex is a specially engineered adhesive designed especially for the installation of solar panels. This MS Polymer based adhesive quickly creates strong bonds, is non-corrosive and overpaintable using the “wet-in-wet” method. Solar-Flex contains no substances that prevent lacquer coating (e.g. silicone) and is free of solvents, halogens and isocyanate.

As an elastic adhesive, Weicon Solar-Flex exhibits good elasticity (600% elongation at break) for strong, long lasting bonds that are maintained through surface shifting and expansion/contraction. Of particular benefit though is its high initial adhesion strength which allows it to be used to achieve bonds on vertical surfaces.

Weicon Solar-Flex is used for both indoor and outdoor applications and, as you’d expect from an adhesive developed for the solar industry, offers exceptional UV and weather resistance.

Key Benefits of Weicon Solar-Flex
  • High initial adhesive strength on vertical surfaces
  • Adheres well to a broad range of materials, even on moist surfaces
  • Resistant to weathering and UV
  • Free of silicone, halogens and isocyanate
  • Solvent free, odour free and non-corrosive
  • Can be painted over immediately (“wet-in-wet”)*
  • Sandable (after curing)

*Wet-in-Wet painting must be completed no more than 4 minutes after application of the adhesive with a suitable paint (no alkyd resin based paints).

Because of its broad material compatibility and wide range of features and benefits, Weicon Solar-Flex is used for sealing in a number of different applications. These include:

  • Solar power systems
  • Marking systems
  • Junction boxes
  • Metalworking
  • Tank and container construction
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducting repairs and construction
Performance Characteristics
Basis 1 K MS Polymer
Density 1.62 g/cm³
Processing Temperature +5ºC to +35ºC
Cure Type Humidity
Curing Conditions +5ºC to +40ºC,
30% to 95%
Relative Humidity
Skin Over Time 10 min. (approx.)
Cure Speed (first 24 hours) 2-3mm
Volume Change (DIN 52451) -2%
Gap Filling Depth (max.) 10mm
Gap Filling Width (max.) 30mm
Elongation at Break
(DIN 53504/ASTM D412)
Tear Strength
DIN 53515/ASTM D624)
13 N/mm²
Movement Capacity (max.) 20%
Temperature Resistance -40ºC to +80ºC
Short Term to 120ºC
Building Material Category
(DIN 4102)
B 2


Available Sizes and Colours

Weicon Solar-Flex is available from Associated Gaskets in 290ml cartridges which can be dispensed using normal dispensing equipment. Solar-Flex is available in either White or Grey colours. The White has been approximately matched with RAL 9003 colouring while the grey has been designed to correspond with RAL 7000.

Adhesive Finder Tool

Unsure if this adhesive is suitable for your application? Try Weicon’s handy Adhesive Finder tool!

Additional Information and Resources

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Weicon Solar Flex TDS
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Weicon Solar Flex SDS

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